2 States Download _TOP_ Kickass Movie

2 States Download _TOP_ Kickass Movie



2 States Download Kickass Movie

i selected a downloader but it would not allow me to continue because there was a captcha (basically an image that asked for a number) to complete. i could not figure out how to complete this so i visited the help page. this was not clear and i also could not figure out how to complete it.
i also found that there was no link on the help page to view videos to demonstrate how to complete the captcha and use the software. instead i had to email the support team asking for some clarification of how to complete the captcha.
at this point i decided to drop kickass and look elsewhere for a downloader. i used one of the better free downloaders that i had experience with and selected a movie to download. this was a time consuming process that was much more complicated than it needed to be and i did not trust the software to work correctly.
it took more than 2 hours and i had to do it twice to complete the process. when i did complete the process the movie was not added to my list of movies so i had to repeat the process.

to do this i would have to give in to the site and use a credit card. i decided to pass on using kickass again and i completed the task of downloading the movie i wanted to add to my list of movies. but now the process had become too complicated and i found it difficult to select a downloader.

in the distant future, humanity has a new enemy. these mysterious invaders have come to earth to consume all of it. to fight back, humanity has been forced to develop a deadly weapon. built by the people, this weapon will determine the outcome of the war.
available for pc, mac, linux, ios, android and kindle.
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