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How would I get the number of rows that each user has viewed?

I need to build a ranking of book fans based on the number of times they’ve read a book.
Each user of my system can “like” a book.
The problem is that a user could have multiple book likes. So even if the user has “liked” a book n times, it doesn’t mean that they’ve read all n of the book.
I want to get the number of rows each user has viewed. I would then rank the users by the number of times they have read. So if a user has “liked” a book 5 times and a book has 5 likes, then the ranking would look like this.
User_ID Number_of_Book_Views
1 5
2 1


SELECT user_id, count(*) as number_of_book_views
FROM book_likes
GROUP BY user_id

To be able to rank you will have to determine which books a user has read by checking the user_id for every row from the book_views table.
SELECT rank, number_of_book_views
SELECT user_id, count(*) as number_of_book_views,
row_number() OVER (ORDER BY number_of_book_views DESC) as rank
FROM book_likes
GROUP BY user_id
) q
WHERE rank


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