__HOT__ Download-erykah-badu-baduizm-live-album-zip ➕

__HOT__ Download-erykah-badu-baduizm-live-album-zip ➕



this archive contains the full 19 songs from the first album and its 3 bonus songs, from the independently funded ep-thingy (which means it’ll show up in an automatic “da wazapping” category when somebody queries for “yazu “ezzah”, only new-ish subs from 2004 are kept there). the main purpose is to have a file-archive for people who don’t want to download the whole ep-thingy with 160 mb of sound files.

the download-zip is a “standard” zip file (zip 2.0), so you can just manually extract it into whatever directory you have space for. within the archive, there is a zendopie-2.0-compatible.zip, which is the same as the original zendopie except for a line that’s put in so a “manual extract” is possible (and, of course, some extra software to do that). if you want to install the file, replace the line i mentioned with “extract.pl”, and then “./configure”, and “make install”.

the reason i didn’t include the installer source code is, that i can’t easily build it for this os (possibly due to 32-bit proc->64-bit os switching?), and it would need a lot of preparation before it would work. if you want to try, you can easily do it yourself.

in the archive there is a subdirectory called bastard, which contains a few files. the one i use in this zip file is bastard.sh. it’s a bash-script that gets you started straight away. it would be better if it would store some persistent values, instead of loading them from the init directory (“$home/bastard”, “$home/.bastard” or something like that), but i didn’t find a way to do that.

Raphael Saadiq is successful, accomplished, talented, respected, and has constructed a catalogue that will live forever in the annals of R&B and funk. Thats why, The Way I See It, feels like a big fuck you album. As though Saadiq made the album after watching VH1 Soul for 17 hours straight thinking, Really Yall are getting more shine than me!
The quadruple threat is one of music-s most talented contemporary musical forces. Launched to global success with the release of his The Way I See It album in 2009, Raphael Saadiq has produced the soundtrack for HBOs Ballers, released a successful retail album and is now engaged in a worldwide tour. His third studio album, The Way I See It, features several collaborators, including Justin Timberlake, Bebe Rexha, The Roots, and Lupe Fiasco. Saadigs debut album as a solo artist, The Way I See It, catapulted him into global stardom and earned him a Grammy Award for Best R&B Album.
His debut solo album, The Way I See It, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and on Rolling Stone”s Albums of the Year list and, along with On & On, won Grammy Awards at the 1998 ceremony. A chart hit on both sides of the Atlantic, it earned her a Grammy, brought the emergent neo-soul movement to a wider audience, and established the singer as one of musics brightest new stars. Its playful fusion of classic jazz and hip-hop still sounds fresh as a daisy.
In the fashion of those early Badu recordings and Fantasy, the opening track is a come-up-to-time rendition of the Erykah-penned Zulu Love. A jaunty song, and one that sounds as if Badu was attuned to the vibes in the studios rather than a hotel room that was rumored to have been their last. To her credit, Badu gave them a vocal. Hematite, for example, seems more than comfortable sharing the mic-stand with her.


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