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C++ Windows: Using pthread_create and sigaction

What is happening, is the title says. I need to use some sort of signal handler for my program so it doesn’t shut down on the user’s computer when they hit Ctrl-C during a computation.
When I do pthread_create and pthread_join(myThread,NULL);, it does not happen on my system.
However, when I want to create the thread, I do pthread_create(&myThread,NULL,tid,(void*) function,(int)argument); And for the signal handler, I do int sig; sigaction(SIGINT,NULL,NULL);
Do I understand this correctly, that there is no signal in effect while the pthread is being created and executing and the “handler” (or “function”) for the signal is being created and executed? But then when I call pthread_join, I can no longer kill the thread because the signal cannot be handled? Is this correct?


SIG_PTHREAD signals are not dispatched for threads of the same process (because it is not necessary to “stop” a thread). You will have to handle SIGINT in your thread (by, for example, trapping it in a signal handler) if you want to be able to catch and recover from a crash.

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