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Show all images in a folder and create new folder by the name in asp.net mvc

I have a view that uploads images to folder using a controller. and creates a folder with the name of the image.
i want to display all the files in the folder in a gridview and want to create a new folder inside the uploading folder named after the image upload date.
how to add the view of images in a folder to a view?
or is there a way to do this without the view?
my controller:
public ActionResult UploadPhotos(int id)
var model = new UploadPhotosModel();
using (Model1Entities model1 = new Model1Entities())
var galleryImages = model1.GalleryImages.Where(x => x.FileName.Replace(“\”, “”).Replace(“/”, “”).StartsWith(id.ToString())).ToList();
foreach (var i in galleryImages)
i.PhotosId = id;
i.IsDefault = true;
model.GalleryImages = galleryImages;
model.User = model1.Users.Where(x => x.UserName.ToLower() == id.ToString() && x.Image.FileName.ToLower().EndsWith(“.jpg”)).FirstOrDefault();
if (Request.Files.Count >


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