Abbeyroadplugins.TG.Mastering.Pack.VST.RTAS-AiR 64 Bit


Abbeyroadplugins.TG.Mastering.Pack.VST.RTAS-AiR 64 Bit

This mastering plugin adds punch and saturation to your tracks while still focusing on dynamics. The plugin allows you to control four main parameters: compression, EQ, saturation, and bass. The saturated sound gives a huge impact in the sound quality.

This processor gives a pretty transparent sound and is suited for songs that need a lot of authority or character like intro sections. You will notice that the compression is light and it doesnt add any coloration or distortion to your song. This could be perfect for demos or recent masters because some distortion can be too aggressive.

Their logo is a Guitar, so bass heavy presets can definitely make the average listener think, \”this guy must be pretty good at balancing and EQing.\” This effect can be used at a 50/50 split between the left and right channel, or in single channel mode, which is perfect for the musician that enjoys playing around with big low-pass shelving filters and getting crazy with their effects. Well, at least it will make your ears bleed! We have a host of new releases on our Video Compressor website, so check them out and see if one of these plugins will fulfill your mixing and mastering needs!

Buttons are a natural part of a Mastering Tool. Therefore, and to make your life easier, you can record your own knobs’ movements as automation points. That means that you can automate a process, like the EQ, without having to open the synth, change its presets, then open the plugin again.

This iZotope Platinum 3 emulation plugin was specifically designed to capture the signature of the real hardware. This iZotope Platinum 3 machine is the most expensive piece of hardware out there (about $5000) and is used by mastering engineers around the world to create a signature for a recording. Your plugin emulates this signature and gives you every single detail that the real machine had.

the mastering pack is for plugins that need high quality stereo from tdm or high quality mono audio from rd/ad. it produces clear, dynamic mixes. the package includes a wide variety of plugins that were all designed to be used in a mastering situation. this package represents the top end of professional audio production plugins.
rtas plugins include three master output slots. the first is mono. mono is 24bit.wav format and contains one sample deep. this is the main master output. the second is a stereo 32bit.wav file. this is the effect master output. the third is a 16bit. this is the auxiliary master output.
all of abbeyroad’s plugins are distributed using the last verified version of cakewalk soundforge 9.03 ( there are no files in this archive that were provided by abbeyroad. the plugins are distributed as zip files with a readme.txt file that explains the function of the plugin in detail. the plugins are distributed for use with soundforge 9.03, cakewalk sonar, q-stream or any other new audio editor that support rtas formats.
the plugins are also distributed as compressed tarballs. this tarball can be extracted in any kind of text file editor. alternatively, you can use the archive manager ( to unzip or unrar the plugins. extract the plugins in a directory of your choice. re-name the plugins and put them in the plugins directory of your choice. next, launch soundforge 9.03, cakewalk sonar or q-stream and go to add-ons -> plug-ins -> install plug-ins. install the plugins and double click on the plugin to launch it.

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