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Katrina Misra writes, “We can make the most important building blocks of the future a shared resource, a commons of endeavor. We can build it on open, collaborative, and sustainable design principles, or we can privatize it, treat it like a commodity, commodify it, and use it for profits without any thought of social cost.”.

Both an American and Indian hack, Scott McCloud has been doing some in-depth looking into the DC comics’ universe: which it’s single cartoon and which ones it is devolving into? And while the information might not be new and already out there ( it is on the web ) I will be linking Scott’s work as it is about a Geek breaking the walls of storytelling and presenting it in a way that manages to look very realistic.This presents a clever idea: instead of limiting comic art to the walls of the space they exist in, they tend to deal with universal topics and come up with some original elements or they are very specific to one universe in one storyline. DC for instance produced a bunch of works under the banner of The New 52. And that is a treat that becomes a major headache if you watch them in order or read them in order. What makes comics so tempting to me as a geek is how I was introduced to them and their classics. This is a fact that comics is not only a hybrid medium but is a storytelling medium too.The one

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