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Although Photoshop has been the most successful image manipulation program of all time and is available for almost every platform, it’s a complex program with many features, so here are some simple Photoshop tricks to get you started with image manipulation.

* Take a picture or paint a picture with the pen tool. Click it and drag it to change the size. Fill it with colors by using the Paint Bucket tool. To create a background, take the Picture Backdrop option and select a picture for the background (including a mirrored copy on the other side of the photo, if you want the picture to be rectangular). Use the Lasso tool to trace around the photo (see the sidebar, “Tracing the mouse with the Lasso tool,” for more on this). You can also do this by opening a picture and clicking the Background Removal option, and then choose the type of background you want from a list of options.

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The most basic features of Photoshop include:

Multiple windows

White and black backgrounds

Designing tools


Clone, crop, resize and warp tools

Layers and channels

Gradient tools




Reflection and distortion

Create Vector graphics

Color Picker

Image history

Create and Edit Vector graphics

Adjust the size, colour, and transparency of images

Cutout and paste images together

Add borders

Line drawing tools

Shape tools

Raster to vector tools

Text tools

Search and replace tools

Background replacement tools

Layer masking tools

Scratchboard tool

Animation tools

3D effects tools

Designer art tools

Vector tools

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Raster to Vector Converter tool

Glow effect

Histogram window

Adjustment layers


Adjustment layers

Lens correction

Mask layers

Point to point selection tools

Clone Stamp tool

Free Transform tool

Masking tool

Pathfinder tool

Smart Move tool

Google Chrome Extensions

Adobe Flash

Create PDF files

Each tool has its own keyboard shortcuts

Create buttons on a canvas

Comprehensive video tutorials

Mobile apps for Android and iOS

Create HTML5 web pages, with images, backgrounds, buttons

See Related Pages for links to more resources.

The Basic Layout of a Photoshop File

A Photoshop document is composed of layers.

The image itself is made up of separate layers that are stacked and placed on top of one another to create the image. They may be moved, resized, and rotated, and their position and properties can be modified.

Photoshop is a vector editor: editing a shape’s position only changes its appearance, not its size. For example, resizing a square and stretching it to make it look round has no effect on the shape itself.

The image layer is on top of the background layer. If you zoom in or out, you’ll see they change place, not size.

Learning Photoshop elements

Starting the program

You can create a new document and set up the Adobe file formats and size.

Opening a document

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Bonding: “Bonded” or “bonded”?

Does it sound ok to say “The chips have bonded” or “The chips have bonded”?


Since the chips are already bonded together, the phrase would be “The chips are bonded.” (Bond and bonded as a compound are used for a physical object that is attached to another, but does not consist of it.)
However, “the chips are bonded” also fits with the fact that the chips have formed a part of some larger structure, but a chip by itself is not sufficiently large to be described as bonded.


If you’re speaking of the process, you could say “They are bonded”

In electronics, bonding involves the process of making a connection between two devices.
Source: Merriam-Webster

If you are speaking of the state of these small circuit elements, which are not attached to anything else, and are part of some larger circuit, then you should use the singular “bond”

Electronics: The wire should be bonded with solder, gold, lead, or any other conducting material.
Source: Wikipedia

Roque Correa

Roque Correa (November 25, 1932 – March 13, 2013) was a Brazilian engineer.

Correa was born in Mayorga (Bahia) and graduated in mechanical engineering from the Federal University of Bahia in 1957. From 1957 to 1959 he was an assistant professor at the Federal University of Bahia. In 1959, he moved to a position as a scientific supervisor at the Museum of Natural History of the State of Bahia. During that period, he created the department of Paleontology. He worked as the Director of the Museum from 1969 to 1980. From 1984 to 1985 he was a program scientist of the CONACYT. From 1986 to 1998 he was the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies in the State University of Bahia, where he was a professor from 1984 to 1988.

Correa, R.M. de. 1971. Noções e métodos para a paleontologia e biologia em pesquisa. Morro do Chapéu, Bahia: Museu da Escola Politécnica.


Category:1932 births
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What’s New in the?

“Climate Denial” is the term that has been recently applied to those people who are discussing climate change. As a long-time climate change researcher, activist and visionary, it is that which defines me. A genuinely informed American, I know that two of every three Americans are deeply concerned about the problems created by human induced climate change.

The next few years have seen a major shift in the direction of climate change awareness. This trend will not be reversed.

About thirty years ago, I stood with more than 1 million people on the Cliffs of Dover, as we watched the white cliffs slowly erode and drown beneath the waves. This was the burial site of the Battle of Britain, and the beginning of the end of the Nazi war machine. We vowed that the last war would not happen again. The stark evidence of the threat of climate change has brought home the reality of that threat to an even greater extent.

We face two major problems with climate change. The first is that climate change is primarily caused by human induced emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases. The Earth’s climate system is extremely complex. It can respond slowly, like a slow motion train wreck, or it can respond quickly as in a 2.5 second replay of a football game. There is no doubt that humans are already at the controls of the train wreck. The question for us is how much control do we really have?

The next thirty years will see dramatic changes in the climate as humans alter the fragile and dynamic climate system. The Earth’s biosphere has evolved over millions of years in response to changes in the climate. Some plants and animals have evolved over a few thousand years.

This Earth has given us nearly a century to prepare for climate change. When we leave the fight, as we will very quickly do, the changes are likely to be unstoppable.

The second problem with climate change is that the planet’s finite resources are all being put under stress. In addition to the threat of climate change, our use of natural resources is destroying life on earth and, in the process, threatening the survival of the human species as a whole.

Will the human race survive? Or will we see the collapse of a “Maginot Line” of belief in which we automatically think the Earth is as infinite as the infinite universe?

We have gotten off track.

A compromise of this magnitude demands sacrifices by all. We are already

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