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On Tuesday, Turkish Army’s armored units began a cross-border operation into the SDF-held Tal Abyad district, which borders Turkey’s Jarablus district. This operation was launched in response to the rapid advance of Turkish-backed FSA units and SDF remnants in the SDF-occupied Tal Abyad district since the beginning of July.

The cross-border operations, which have been largely spearheaded by the Turkish Army, were focused on holding Tal Abyad in the northeast, while keeping the SDF-led “Jaysh al-Akrad” (the Army of the Immortal) militia in the southwest and the SDF’s “Harakat Shingal” (the Tal Abyad Rebellion) militia further south.

Local sources have confirmed that at least 30 people were killed, including 4 members of the YPG’s military council (as-Sahaba), and at least 20 injured in Tuesday’s Turkish military operation.

Despite the deadly Turkish military operation, dozens of armored vehicles, bulldozers and other military equipment belonging to the YPG, including three armored vehicles and several DShK heavy machineguns were seen abandoned on the streets in the district.

A YPG member later told As-Safir that, “the Turkish state have killed a whole group of people in the


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