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Dynamically Join a Cluster using Ceph and Shmcb

Is it possible to dynamically join a ceph cluster?
If so, how to do this?
Would we need to re-sync everything?


Yes, it is possible, but requires you to reinitialise your cluster with the correct new configuration. This is a complex process that most users should not be undertaking. In general it should be left to the Ceph production admins to resolve, but if you absolutely require it to run a particular scenario you must proceed.
The good news is, there is a tool that does just that, and will also re-sync the cluster:

The shared memory in such a case would be ephemeral and so, unless you are actually persisting shared memory you wouldn’t lose much that way.

Die Festin für München (Munich’s Festival)

Die Festin für München (The Munich Festival) is a beer festival held in Munich, Germany, which takes place around the first Thursday of August each year.


Since its establishment in 2002, the festival has taken place every year on the first Thursday of August, coinciding with the Munich Oktoberfest. It is organised by the Club der Münchener Freunde, an association of beer enthusiasts. The event includes competitions, food, entertainment and activities for children.

Since 2011, Die Festin für München has been held in the Funkturm on the Großhesselohe Turmweg in the center of Munich. The site was chosen for the event because it is the highest point in Munich, and holds the only wind turbine in Germany.

In addition to the exhibitions of beer and brewery art, the event also features the beer speciality art of Jens Rohdenkampff, who also paints the logo for the festival.


The festival

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