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Everything running on your computer uses at least a bit of CPU, GPU, network, or RAM. Sure enough, it can seem as no program uses those many resources, but bundled together can put a strain on your PC. In this regard, Aldo's Free Memory is a quick, efficient methods to free up some RAM, especially from programs which keep it occupied for no reason.
Advantages of a portable app
First of all, you can carry the application with you on a thumb drive to use on other computers besides the home one, since installation is not required to make the application work. Another consequence of portability is that system registry entries remain intact, so there’s no need to worry about affecting the target PC’s health status.
All it has to offer can be found in a pretty compact main window, which can be sent to the tray area when not needed, so it doesn’t always take up desktop space. There’s a small graph which updates in real time, just to let you know of sudden changes in use. However, you can also tell from other detail fields which shows free, and used memory in both MB and percentage.
Can be set to automatically free memory
Freeing up space is done at the press of a button. A slider is there to help you configure the target amount you want to free. The default value is set to maximum, although it’s close to impossible to recover that much amount with anything running. Sure enough, you most likely never get back the specified amount, but it’s best to manually free up space when not running anything else.
On the other hand, your intervention is not required all the time. Even when sitting in the tray area, the application can be set to automatically free up space now and then. What’s more, a dedicated option makes it run with Windows, so that RAM benefits from this small enhancement as soon as you reach the desktop.
In conclusion
All things considered, we can safely state that Aldo's Free Memory is a lightweight, but practical application which can free up some more memory from processes which reserve it, but not always properly use it. Intervention on your behalf is minimum from start to end, with no installation in the way, and an automated operation for more comfort.


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Aldo 039;s Free Memory

Aldo 039;s Free Memory Crack


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What’s New in the Aldo 039;s Free Memory?

This simple application helps you reclaim memory that the operating system has already allocated to programs that aren't running anymore. The program displays a meter in the taskbar that tells you how much memory is being used by processes that are no longer active on your PC. There's a small utility in the tray area that can be used to free memory.
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