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Ever since Internet connection speed is no longer a bother for most people, video streaming has become a common and almost indispensable feature when it comes to chatting with friends or family members online.
The attention has now shifted toward the quality of the video feed, as well as various image effects that can be applied to enhance it.
Add a wide range of effects and overlays directly on your webcam stream
AlterCam is an application that enables you to add a bit of fun to your video chat sessions, by applying various effects to alter your webcam stream. The choices include grayscale, negative and mosaic effects and you can combine them in any way you wish to obtain the desired result. The modifications can be previewed inside the program, which has a built-in webcam viewer.
One of the other useful features of AlterCam is the ability to send the effects to multiple applications at the same time, while also getting around the “Webcam busy” error that usually pops up when you are trying to open more than one instance.
Decorate the feed with overlay or underlay images
You can add overlay images on top of your webcam video to switch the environment and entertain your friends. The available choices include TV screen frames, butterflies, flowers and various other frames you can use to decorate the video window. If you are not satisfied with the premade images, the application enables you to add your own creations, both as overlay and underlay effects.
AlterCam comes with full HD support for the 1080p resolution, which allows you to stream the highest quality videos and use detailed images for the overlay effect. In case you have more than one webcam connected to your computer, the application can detect all of them and enables you to choose the preferred source device to apply the effects on.
In conclusion
The simple and lightweight interface of AlterCam allows you to easily take advantage of every function, with minimal computer skills required. It also sets itself apart from other such applications, thanks to its ability to support multiple streams at the same time and the fact that you can add your own effects.







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AlterCam With Serial Key [Mac/Win]

AlterCam is a simple and lightweight webcam/video application that allows you to apply a wide range of effects to enhance and personalize your webcam videos. This means that you can use the application to create fun videos to share with your friends!
Add an overlay image or a picture over the camera window
A TV or a newspaper frame, a flower, a butterfly… anything, with just a click!
Create a combo video with your webcam, audio, and an image
Combine your webcam, audio, and any image to create a video or slideshow! Great for presenting that fun video you took on a vacation, or even a slideshow of your latest cat photos!
Get everything to work automatically
Choose between 640×480 and 1080p (very big) resolutions; default settings are for the latter. Set your webcam to the default device and AlterCam will automatically detect it.
Choose from among 60+ frames:
Flowers, butterflies, art, the sky, cat faces, fire, rain, explosions…
Use images or create your own
Pick any from among 60+ frames; then create your own image to place on top!
Add your personal touch
You can apply a background image as an overlay or an underlay; choose between a “bright” or “dull” color mode, and more!
You can add your own images or choose from the 60+ included ones, in both 8 bits and 256 colors.
Enjoy your effect
Preview the settings in real time, and adjust them as you wish!
How you can use it
Subscribe, and be the first to know when the application gets an update; you’ll also receive a free webcam display frame and a wallpaper image from the included frames.
Don’t have a webcam? No problem!
If you don’t have a webcam, please try the “Webcam” function. It works like an internal webcam, but you won’t be able to stream the result.
Download the Installer, extract the archive and copy the program’s contents to your PC.
Download and run the application.
Don’t forget to run the installer for all previously installed copies of the program.
Change the settings
You’ll find the “Help” menu in the application, located under “Settings”.
Click “Help” to see a detailed description of the application’s features.
Don’t forget to go to “Help” to see how to change your application settings, including how to choose your

AlterCam With Full Keygen

Control video processing on your webcam to make it more interesting for live video chats, even from a low-end computer.
Various video effects:
– Grayscale: completely black and white video
– Black & white: simply convert color video to grayscale
– Negative: blacken the image and brighten the other colors
– Zero: convert the image to black & white or grayscale
– Mosaic: blend the images captured with different exposure times
– Turntable: replace one image of the webcam with another video in a spinning circle
– Color wheel: select one or several colors from a rainbow and apply them on a color selected image
– Multiple overlays: use several overlays simultaneously
– Overlays from the webcam picture: quickly overlay it in the video
AlterCam is, in essence, a utility to manipulate your webcam image in any way you wish to create the most interesting visual experience for your friends and family during online video chats.
• Create over the web cam a funny web cam type of you tube.
• Switch between a grayscale image, a black & white image or a negative image.
• Change your webcam into a colorful image.
• Capture a photo of your webcam so that you can save it as a picture.
• Have fun with video editing on your webcam.
• Get the highest quality video possible at low cost.
• Connect your webcam to many different applications at the same time.
• Add different effects to your webcam.
• Combine effects with other applications.
• Communicate with other users through video.
• Mix and merge a group of different videos.
• Enable changing the webcam picture through the use of overlay and underlay images.
• Use different videos for the webcam.
• Choose the number of Overlay/ Underlay images to be displayed.
• Choose to add the images of the webcam to be decorated.
• Enable the capture of a picture of your webcam.
• Have fun and share with your friends your webcam images!

In honor of the Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour,” I took a trip through time and space to revisit the film, a little more than 50 years after the Beatles taped the vocals for “The Fool on the Hill.” If you have never seen the film, I highly recommend it. While the

What’s New In AlterCam?

This free webcam app lets you add a bit of fun to your video chat sessions, by applying various effects to your webcam stream. The choices include grayscale, negative and mosaic effects and you can combine them in any way you wish to obtain the desired result. You can also send the effects to multiple applications at the same time, while also getting around the “Webcam busy” error that usually pops up when you are trying to open more than one instance.
Camera effects allow you to alter your webcam video in many different ways with less than 60 seconds of effort and effortless control. These include grayscale, negative and mosaic effects; 3D noise image; image morphing; and various overlay and underlay images. You can even customize the effects to your liking by using the built-in webcam viewer and applying your own images.
Full HD support: the camera app supports full HD (1080p) video and can be used to stream the highest quality videos on your computer with ease. It even supports multiple streams at the same time and enables you to add your own images to the webcam stream. The webcam app will be your best friend if you have several webcam devices connected.
Multiple stream support: the app can recognize all the connected webcam devices and can enable you to select the preferred webcam device to apply the webcam effects. The connected webcam device may be the first webcam device or one of the others. Also, AlterCam comes with hidden settings that enable you to see the effects applied to the webcam stream right away, without having to close the application.
Multiple overlays: the application can apply several overlays at the same time and send the results to the connected applications. At the same time, AlterCam can get around the “Webcam busy” error that often pops up when you try to open more than one instance of the program, enabling you to add as many overlays as you like to the webcam video.
Easy and quick installation: the webcam app works with most operating systems. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and it requires a minimal installation. The app is very simple and easy to use and is highly customizable.
The app is a self-contained unit so you can easily download it and test its capabilities without installing any additional software. You can use it at any time and get instant results.

The magical world of HD vision meets the ultra small camera with 2.1-inch diagonal screen, the hybrid of miniaturized smartphone and camera. Equ

System Requirements For AlterCam:

OS: Windows XP (32-bit), Vista (32-bit), 7, 8, 8.1 (32-bit)
Processor: 2.4 GHz processor with at least 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 1.5 GB free space
Graphics: 3D card with 128 MB RAM and 32-bit color
DirectX: 9.0
Sound Card:
Additional Notes:
* Demo will not allow for save during gameplay
* Supports mouse and keyboard
* Keyboard

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