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AntispamSniper For Outlook Express Crack Free

AntispamSniper is a Outlook Express mail plug-in that provides a professional protection against phishing and spam emails. Using AntiSpamSniper, you can block the automatic opening of all suspicious and spam e-mails by the browser window.
By default, the plug-in is configured to open e-mails automatically. However, in case of suspicious messages, you can set the option to display them in separate window. You can also change the default value for the spam messages received from different sources.
Furthermore, AntispamSniper provides additional spam filtering options, such as custom threshold, text detection and detection by header’s content.
AntispamSniper supports the following protocols: POP3 and IMAP. You may use any available FTP service to manage your email accounts.
For beginners, AntispamSniper is a convenient tool that saves a lot of time. The application allows you to quickly block spam messages with just a click.
Installation, Help and Video Tutorial:
1. First of all, download and install the AntispamSniper (unzip the file).
2. Run the AntispamSniper setup.exe to create the antispam folder.
3. Copy the registry file (regsvr32.txt) and the file of the plug-in (outlsimp.dll) into the antispam folder.
4. Run the AntispamSniper.exe application.
You will be asked for the configuration data and the AntispamSniper Start-Up ID. The latter is the default value which will be used to start the antispam mode.
5. Save the anti-spam profile in the registry in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\MyCompanyName\AntispamSniper\Profiles\ subfolder.
Note: AntispamSniper may automatically create a.reg file for you in the antispam folder.
6. Start the Outlook Express.
You will see the following message:
“You have enabled the Anti-spam mode.
To disable this mode, launch Outlook Express, click Tools, Options…”
7. Click OK.
8. In the AntispamSniper Options dialog window, set a spam filtering profile.
9. Click OK.
10. In the AntispamSniper Options dialog window, set the settings of the AntiSpamSniper autofilter:
– Enable the

AntispamSniper For Outlook Express Full Version [Win/Mac]

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AntispamSniper For Outlook Express With License Code (Latest)

AntispamSniper is a solution for Outlook Express which is based on innovative and unique algorithm for email classification. This algorithm does not need any scanning database but rather makes analysis of spam contents itself. There is no risk of manual inspections or false positive notifications. AntispamSniper has a filtering quality which is much better than that of all the other email scanning tools.
Pronounces the blocking of messages and spam in three clicks.
Highly and quickly filters spam and other suspicious emails.
Detected messages are immediately marked, so that you can evaluate the priority of such messages.
The plug-in offers a built-in option for deleting spam from server by headers.
The plug-in has a built-in option allowing loading of a spam database.
AntispamSniper does not use any scanning databases.
It makes no changes to the Outlook Express configuration.
This tool can be used as an add-on to Outlook Express which does not cause slowdown or crashes.
AntispamSniper for Outlook Express is a true anti-spam and anti-phishing tool which helps you to keep your mailbox safe and organize your daily communication.
In addition to the above-mentioned anti-spam and anti-phishing functions, the tool helps you with the following:-
– filter out of the mailbox the fraudulent messages, such as viruses, worms, Trojans and other similar types of threats, as well as with attachments;
– automatically check the attachment of received mail;
– delete the spam with one click;
– classify the messages by domain (colon separated), domain and/or address (colon separated);
– automatically classify the messages;
– export the list of email addresses for further processing;
– for the rapid classification of messages with an instant display of the spam report;
– optionally preview messages.
* Three modes of operation: 2-clicks in a row, over 10 seconds per click, not exceeding one in ten minutes.
* The first three filters are automatically loaded in the beginning of the operation; the number of loaded filters can be adjusted.
* The filtering quality is the same as that of the scanning mode.
* The plug-in supports multiple protocols: POP3, IMAP.

Designed by Parasoft Technologies Inc.

AntispamSniper for Outlook Express is an innovative solution which combines several methods for filtering spam.
Unique algorithms make it possible to not only to detect spam, but

What’s New in the?

AntispamSniper is an anti-spam for Outlook Express with the special technique for filtering the spam in the email headers. AntispamSniper is a combination of several algorithms for filtering the spam on different levels. It can filter emails from POP3 and IMAP servers, and receives only the messages that will be interesting for you.

– automatic message filtering from Outlook Express
– message filtering on different levels
– automatic message deletion from server by headers
– POP3 and IMAP protocols support
– customizable rules for messages filtering
– message restoration from deleted messages
– message logging
– message filtering by classifiers
– Internet Explorer 7 full support
– free updates
– reliable performance and high accuracy

Install instructions:
1. Unpack archive into the folder Outlook (for example, C:\Program Files\Outlook\Outlook Express\Plugins).
2. Start Outlook Express.
3. You will see the folder Plugins. If there is not the folder Plugins, press Alt+F4 and in opened dialog select the Run Outlook Express as Administrator option.
4. Click the Plugins folder.
5. The AntispamSniper folder should appear in the folder Plugins.
6. Start AntispamSniper (AntispamSniper.exe).

– filters the spam according to, subject, headers, content
– the rules may be created in the program or imported from external files
– the rules can be used for filtering messages
– the rules are defined as type=blacklist, whitelist, regex, numeric, any,…
– in the whitelist/blacklist rules, the patterns may be specified with different mask characters (?=\d,?\d, \w, \W, \x, \X, \s, \S, \b, \B)
– the patterns may be created with several syntaxes: numeric (\d+), white list (\d+)(?=,$), white list with regex (\d+)(?=,$)(?=.*[^\d])
– for the rule by header, use a syntax
– use a syntax , use it when you have some headers of the message (for example, in a personalized email, not so many headers)
– use a syntax when you know all headers of the message.
– The message is deleted from the server if all its headers were found in whitelist
– you can delete

System Requirements:

Win 7 or above.
Windows Store recommended
16 GB free space
fuzzey (required)
• Improve performance • Multi-account support • Many improvements, bugfixes, and minor features • NEW!• Easier and faster installs (greater compatibility)• NEW! • Sync your data across all devices via iCloud• Multi-account support, backup and restore • NEW!• (NEW!) • (NEW!) • (NEW!) • (NEW!) • (NEW!) • (

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