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I have downloaded and have been using ArchiCAD for a little over a year now, but never have I had such a steep learning curve. So far, I have been using it primarily to create construction sites with a number of buildings on the site.

I am glad to see such a huge increase in the amount of resources available on the site. I wish that I had come here 10 years earlier and had a little more knowledge to draw from, as I think that if it were possible I would have started using this even sooner.

Thanks for the hard work and effort that you have poured into this site, and this tutorial, and thank you so much for sharing such an enormous amount of information!

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In most patients with Hodgkin’s disease (HD), no solid tumour is present, and this helps to distinguish it from non-hodgkin’s lymphomas in which solid tumours are commonly seen. Low plasma fibrinogen levels have been observed in patients with malignant neoplasms of other systems, which has been attributed to increased production of plasminogen activator inhibitors in the tumour cells. We studied plasma fibrinogen levels in 60 patients with HD and 16 controls. The fibrinogen levels of 11 of the HD patients were low (less than 3.0 g litre-1), and two of the 15 controls showed low fibrinogen levels. The mean fibrinogen levels of those HD patients with low fibrinogen levels were lower than those of controls and the others with HD. The fibrinogen levels of the patients with HD were normal or high. The fibrinogen values of the patients were compared with the presence or absence of general symptoms and signs. The mean fibrinogen levels of those HD patients with general symptoms or signs were significantly lower than those of those with no such symptoms or signs. Our results suggest that general signs and symptoms, as well as low fibrinogen levels, may be found in HD patients.Q:



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