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The combination of speed, accuracy and interactivity introduced by AutoCAD greatly reduced the time and cost associated with the traditional manual drafting process. Users today still rely on CAD software applications to generate plans, elevations, section drawings, cutaway and exploded views, and mechanical and architectural drawings.

Original AutoCAD History

AutoCAD’s origin lies in the design work of Stanford University’s computer graphics lab, started in 1969 and led by Dr. George Baskett and Professor Jerome Saltzer.

In 1971, to speed up the design and drafting process, the lab developed a method of layering the design on the computer as well as storing the drawings using an incremental storage technique called vector graphics. (Vector graphics use mathematical equations to define the shape, size, position, and other attributes of geometric shapes. The drawing can be edited or changed without altering the underlying shape.) Vector graphics allow for the editing and change of the drawing in a manner similar to manually edited drawings. Vector graphics are still used in today’s AutoCAD versions.

The Vector Graphics Committee (VGC) of the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) formed in 1977 to discuss the potential of vector graphics to replace traditionally drawn line drawings. The first meeting of the VGC was held at Stanford University in January 1978, and included representatives from Hewlett-Packard, Northern Telecom, Datapoint, Apollo Computer, and Digital Equipment Corporation. Representatives from Hewlett-Packard, Apollo Computer and Digital Equipment Corporation agreed to use vector graphics at their customer and partner meetings, and these meetings were instrumental in the successful adoption of vector graphics.

The VGC published several papers that documented the process and advantages of vector graphics. These papers are available at Stanford University’s Computer Graphics Research Center in Palo Alto, California.

Drawing directly on a computer screen using vector graphics from the first versions of AutoCAD in 1982 quickly became a standard practice for designers and engineers. This began a computer revolution in the construction industry and architecture.

Development and publication of the first version of AutoCAD in 1982 led to Autodesk being formed in 1982 by the merger of two companies, Trintech and DEC Graphics. At the time of the merger, Trintech was a smaller company based in San Diego, California that focused on the development of CAD (computer aided drafting) software, and DEC Graphics was based in New York and was focused on the development of business and financial software. The combined company was

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Raster-based editing
Raster-based editing was introduced in AutoCAD Product Key 2003 (and later discontinued). It allowed users to create, edit, and merge bitmap images, including photographs, for drafting and design. It also allows users to work with other vector and bitmap data.

Features include:
Ability to import and export data in any supported format
Ability to load files from any supported format. (AutoCAD Crack Free Download 2007 onward)
Ability to select and edit images and to paste them into the drawing
Ability to work with many bitmap, vector and other types of image data
Ability to merge, crop, and flatten images
Ability to apply filters and effects to images, including gamma correction
Ability to make color adjustments to images
Image styles are used to apply image properties such as contrast, brightness, gamma, shadows, highlights, and grayscale to images, as well as to perform simple manipulations like remove or crop, among others.

Reviews of the 2007 release state that users may have to edit each image individually in order to apply image styles. However, the same reviews state that each image can be applied to multiple objects simultaneously.

PDF support

In AutoCAD 2007, PDF is the native file format for archiving and printing. PDF is an Adobe Portable Document Format, which allows annotating and printing drawings. PDF is only partially read/write; it can be read from but not written to. The PDF format can be created by AutoCAD directly. As of version 2009, it is necessary to save a drawing as PDF to send it to another person.

File compression
AutoCAD can read and write.cdr and.cdr.gz (compressed zipped files) format files.

It can also compress drawings (as defined by the AutoCAD company) to save space.

AutoCAD began as a small 3D drafter called AutoLISP which became AutoCAD in 1986, which was a top-down architectural drafter that focused on high productivity. AutoCAD became a success and by 1988, it was the first CAD program used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It was this success that set the development for the company to develop future products for different markets and

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Easily import and export drawings to CAD files, including many Windows file formats. (video: 1:35 min.)

Make: Layout:

Adjust your 3D drawing model to a target view for editing with the Measure command, and have the commands remember your view. (video: 4:20 min.)

Import 3D models from many popular formats such as Maya, 3DS, and SolidWorks. Apply standard CNC machining techniques such as chamfer, fillet, and roundover.

Tool Designer:

Make it easy to create tools with the updated Tool Designer interface and new command palette.

Convert Inventor parts and assemblies to AutoCAD blocks, and reverse the process to import parts and assemblies.


Build production-ready drawings faster using the new toolbox, which lets you collect commands into reusable blocks of code. (video: 2:25 min.)

Add interactivity to drawings for more precise control of the user interface.

Make smart edits in all AutoCAD features.


Start your 3D model with the ability to place a plane, box, or sphere. (video: 4:35 min.)


Create accurate scalable mechanical drawings for rapid development and 3D printing. (video: 5:00 min.)

A Drawing Sharing Service enables companies to share CAD models and collaborate on large designs.

Work faster with speed lines, force fields, and more.

Draw and build:

Change colors and line weight and have the commands remember your changes. (video: 2:27 min.)

Easily draw free-form paths or polylines. Select the type of polyline you want, and draw your path.

Add text to drawings, including multiline text.


Create accurate scalable mechanical drawings for rapid development and 3D printing. (video: 5:00 min.)

A Drawing Sharing Service enables companies to share CAD models and collaborate on large designs.

Work faster with speed lines, force fields, and more.


Easily view your drawings from Windows, web browsers, and other devices.

Make your windows and views dynamic with automatic monitoring of your desktops.


Open multiple drawings simultaneously and manage all of your drawings with the Dynamic Roster.

Re-rank your

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Microsoft Windows 7 or later
At least 1GB of free hard disk space
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 1.8GHz or equivalent processor or higher
RAM 512MB or higher
DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
Apple Mac OS X v10.6 or higher
Mac or Linux compatible browser
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