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Like most CAD programs, AutoCAD enables users to create drawings, specifications and technical drawings. AutoCAD also provides a variety of design tools for working with drawings and a range of extensions to allow users to create more powerful, customised tools. AutoCAD supports a wide variety of file formats, such as DXF, DWG, DWF, PLY, RIB, and a number of vector graphics and XML formats. As with other CAD programs, the first step is to prepare a drawing by creating it using simple commands. After this, users can add objects and place them in the drawing.


To start, the user must create a drawing. To do this, select the New button on the Drawing toolbar. Enter a file name and location and click OK. The drawing is now stored in the file system and can be accessed via the File menu. Using the drawing window, users can create a drawing by drawing basic shapes, such as lines, arcs, circles and polygons. After drawing the shapes, the user can group them together using the Group button. When drawing, the user can edit the coordinates of the object by using the Move or Rotate tools. For the most part, users can manipulate the object once it has been created.

To edit an existing object, users select the object on the canvas and use the toolbar to manipulate it. Once finished editing, users can use the Undo button to reverse any edits that have been made to the object or redo the edits. This process can be repeated until the user is happy with the result.

Using the drawing window, users can add objects to a drawing by selecting the Add option on the drawing window’s toolbar. This opens a menu allowing the user to select different objects from which to add to the drawing. Once added to the drawing, the user can manipulate the object by using the Move tool, Rotate tool or scale and rotate the object by using the tools on the drawing window’s toolbar.

To manipulate multiple objects at the same time, users can select objects using the Shift+Click method. These objects will then be selected when the Move tool is used on the drawing window’s toolbar. Once an object has been selected, users can use the Move tool or Rotate tool on the toolbar to move or rotate the selected objects.

An important aspect of AutoCAD is the ability to calculate and display data. The most useful of these is AutoCAD’

AutoCAD 2020 23.1 Keygen

First release

AutoCAD Crack Keygen was first released as AutoCAD R2 on March 1, 1993 for MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows, and as Autodesk DWG Viewer on December 21, 1994. The programs were first shown to the public in April 1993 at the National AutoConference (NAC) show in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The display version of the program, Autodesk DWG Viewer, was demonstrated during a presentation on PowerPoint with text file and image attachments, for viewing Microsoft Word (.doc) and Adobe PostScript (.eps) files.

The software was developed over a period of two years by Daven Presic at the time of release. It is the successor to his previous Acorn CAD package, which was sold to Autodesk. Originally, Autodesk said they would not release their software to public.

Autodesk DWG Viewer

The first release of Autodesk DWG Viewer was named as part of a demo package that would allow a user to view the exchange format drawing, Autodesk DWF, in Microsoft Word. This version included an addition in which a user could view the drawing on an external display device in conjunction with a laptop PC. The release was created in the summer of 1992 and was given to a few select groups of people in order to test the software. In the fall of 1992, Autodesk assigned the project to Daven Presic. A few months after, the project was officially assigned to the Autodesk DWG Viewer team.

Main innovations

In the early releases of the program, the user interface of Autodesk DWG Viewer was enhanced with built-in icons for common commands and tasks. The function icons included the following:
A user could modify a drawing’s properties by right-clicking the drawing in the drawing space and choosing an action on the context menu. Actions included a setting the page size, adding or deleting layers, adding and deleting viewports, etc.
Document views included a camera, printer, plotter, or web browser.
A user could launch a drawing from within a Microsoft Word document by right-clicking a drawing in a list of opened drawings and choosing “Open Drawing from List of Opened Drawings”.
The program used a dialog box to display common file formats and image file types.

Initial changes

Autodesk DWG Viewer received an update which improved the program to be able to

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Easily apply new dimension instructions to multiple blocks in one action. Insert the dimension directly in your drawing from a link in the CAD.

Import large, multi-file drawings or PDFs from PDF or Word as a drawing and associate these drawings with their source document.

Interactive 3D Models:

The Inventor surface is significantly improved, including new animation and manipulation tools, and a wide range of brand-new 3D content.

Design using fully-managed 3D models that can be edited, created, and published directly from AutoCAD, without using an outside tool like SketchUp.

Beam and Arrow Prototyping:

Use new beam and arrow tools to prototype designs for your whole building design.

Quickly sketch, change, and resize arrowheads on beams and create entire beams with arrows.

Automatically replace any broken or missing arrowheads.

Beam and arrow prototyping are ideal for quickly planning a building project and providing feedback and validation for your design.


Help for Developing and Using Large Visual Databases:

Organize, manage, and visualize your designs using RDBMS.

Beam search and update for updating, replacing, and sharing your designs. Easily access beams with attributes and markups, and swap between layouts.

Large-scale model-based development

Design a detailed model of an entire building from ground-up with AutoCAD.

Use the Inventor surface to insert components and view design details such as elevations.

Import and export models and settings for multiple projects.

Add graphics, beams, drawings, dimensions, and other objects directly to your design model.

Manage the structure of your model with a robust visual database.

Powerful 3D-modeling tools

Use new 3D Modeling tools, including new cone, square, and box tools to create custom objects and components that are robust and precise.

Create flexible components using a separate object library.

Insert components directly into drawings or model files using the 3D insertion tool.

Create and edit beam, arrow, and other 3D objects and objects on the drawing canvas with interactive tools.


A world of 3D content

Insert, view, and edit 3D elements such

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Incompatible with:
Note that Xilinx ISE does not allow side by side installation of ISE and Vivado. There are no free ISE licenses available. You can download and purchase your own ISE licenses on the Xilinx website.
Once Xilinx ISE is installed and configured, it is a good idea to import the Vivado project that you previously created into Xilinx ISE. The rest of the tutorials assume that the Vivado project was imported to Xilinx ISE.

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