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AutoCAD began as a simple commercial CAD system that replaced a paper drafting tablet. Although its user interface (UI) was primitive at the time of its first release, the user could interact directly with the drawing data (via x, y, and z coordinates), with paper documents (through the use of layer support), and with the drawing objects on the screen (drag, drop, etc.) The design and interaction paradigm that made AutoCAD unique at the time of its first release has not changed significantly over the years.

User Interface

AutoCAD is a very graphical application. The user is given an area to draw in with a combination of guides and snap to objects. The user can click on objects in the drawing window and place them by using the mouse. These objects can be dimensioned, rotated, moved, and moved within other objects. The user can snap to other objects and line segments (called guides), to create objects that are at a right angle to each other.

To create objects, the user clicks on an area in the drawing area where they want to place an object and then drags to place the object. After the object is placed, the user uses the same method to move it to the desired location.

When creating new objects, the user can snap to existing objects to help align them.

When the user draws an object, the user can add handles to the object. These handles enable the user to place the object into a corner, center, edge, or any other place in the drawing window.

To line an object, the user uses the L command. After specifying the start point, the user draws a line to a second point. The line is created with the specified starting point as the point at the start of the line. The user draws the line, and the end of the line is specified by a second point. The last point of the line can be the same point as the starting point, or it can be at a different location than the starting point. The line can be curved or straight.

When the user adds a dimension or move command to a line, the object is moved relative to the two endpoints of the line. The user can draw a line from the specified location to the starting point to change the length of the line.

To name the object, the user enters the name of the object in the object name field, and the name is entered in the drawing window.

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The Architecture products of Autodesk design software suite have interfaces and features specific to Architecture products. These include the ability to model and visualize floor plans, parts and assemblies. The ArchiCAD product and its predecessor are the main architecture design applications; these include:
Autodesk ArchiCAD 2012
Autodesk Architect 2013
Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Autodesk Architectural Visualization
Autodesk Revit Architecture
Autodesk Navisworks
Autodesk Vault Architect
Autodesk V-Ray

The products are based on core technologies such as the ACAT, CATIA and Magenta architecture ontology standards, developed by Autodesk and others for exchanging design information.


Autodesk AutoCAD software includes powerful geometry modeling tools for creating simple to complex three-dimensional models of spaces, objects, assemblies and buildings. These include:
AutoCAD Civil 3D
Autodesk Building Design
Autodesk Building360
Autodesk Building Information Modeling
Autodesk Building Manager (formerly Architect and now Architectural Design Center, was a standalone product until Autodesk Architect 2013)
Autodesk Architectural Desktop (formerly Architectural Workbench and now Autodesk Architectural Design Center)
Autodesk Architectural Design Center
Autodesk Concept2010
Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk FusioLite
Autodesk Inventor
Autodesk Inventor 2011
Autodesk Revit
Autodesk Simulate
Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
Autodesk SmartDraw
Autodesk Terrain

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Autodesk Navisworks
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Motive
Accelera (software)
DesignSpark Mechanical
Geomagic Make
PTC Creo
PTC Sculpt


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AutoCAD Free

Open Autodesk.
Run C:\Autodesk\Autocad\AD.exe.
Click “Finish” to close Autodesk.
Double-click “AD_Key.exe”
Double-click “AD_Key.bat”
Double-click “AD_Key_Win.bat”
Double-click “AD_Key_Win.bat”
Copy the information from the keys.
Click “OK” in Autocad.
Click “OK” in Autocad.
Click “OK” in Autocad.
Enter the information from the keys.
Click “OK” in Autocad.
Save the original “AD_Key.exe” file.
Place the “AD_Key_Win.bat” file into a folder in the C drive
that contains the original “AD_Key.bat” file.
Place the “AD_Key_Win.bat” file into a folder in the C drive
that contains the original “AD_Key.bat” file.
Double-click “AD_Key_Win.bat”
Double-click “AD_Key_Win.bat”
Double-click “AD_Key_Win.bat”
Double-click “AD_Key_Win.bat”
Double-click “AD_Key_Win.bat”
Double-click “AD_Key_Win.bat”
Double-click “AD_Key_Win.bat”
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Double-click “AD_Key_Win.bat”
Double-click “AD_Key_Win.

What’s New in the?

Connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and other cloud services. You can set up various cloud accounts to receive, share and manipulate files easily.

Quickly convert your CAD drawings to PDFs to share with others.

Designed for the Next Generation of Professionals

AutoCAD is designed to fit you in an ever-changing world of new workflows and file types. With Quick access to your past work, your drawings are always close at hand.

You can also quickly customize your drawings with a custom toolbar, hotkeys, symbols, and more.

Autodesk has been investing in the next generation of professionals since we launched AutoCAD in 1990. AutoCAD for Mac is no different.

With AutoCAD 2023, we’ve worked to make AutoCAD for Mac even more intuitive and accessible. If you’re new to the program, the Start screen is an easy place to get started with AutoCAD. If you’re more experienced, you can quickly access your drawing history, view your settings, and save your work in your Favorites list. You can even choose to automatically open your most recent drawing to get started.

When you’re ready to draw, start drawing with the new and improved Shape tool. The Shape tool guides you along the path of your drawing. The tool becomes a keyboard shortcut whenever you have the Shape tool selected. With the new shape tools, it’s easier than ever to draw 2D objects, including polygons, lines, rectangles, circles, and ellipses.

If you want to draw a 3D model, use the 3D modeling tools instead. For many models, you can draw directly from 3D views like the list, section, and wireframe views. The new CAD ribbon also includes 3D modeling tools.

Another new feature for 3D is Dynamic Components. With Dynamic Components, you can easily insert 3D shapes and lines in your drawings in just a few clicks. You’ll be able to create a scalable 3D model without any tool modifications or additional time.

The new drawing workspace is designed to make it easier to scale drawings. You can zoom with the new Zoom option on the status bar, and easily see the progress of your zoom level as you work. The new drop-down workspace button lets you quickly switch between the standard 2D workspace and a new,

System Requirements For AutoCAD:


OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
Processor: 2.3 GHz or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Storage: 50 GB available disk space
Graphics: 64MB DirectX 11-compliant graphics card
Sound Card: Microsoft® Windows® 7 – DirectX® 9.0 compliant sound card
Processor: 3.0 GHz or faster
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 128

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