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AutoCAD is available for both PC and Mac users as well as as mobile and web apps. It is one of the most popular CAD software programs in the world, with more than 18 million users and millions of licenses sold. AutoCAD is also widely used as a drafting and design tool for architects, engineers, teachers, carpenters, construction contractors, house builders, industrial designers, landscape architects, product designers, and other professionals.



AutoCAD is designed to be extremely easy to learn and use. A beginner can take advantage of all the many capabilities offered by the software by using a minimum of specialized training. This also applies to AutoCAD’s powerful customization features. AutoCAD includes comprehensive help documentation and extensive online user resources, which are accessible even if you don’t have AutoCAD on your system.

Getting Started

To get started with AutoCAD, you will need to first download and install the software. The initial AutoCAD installation provides the basic AutoCAD software files and the OpenEdge/Java Runtime Environment (JRE) software to run the CAD file import program, JTOPS. You will also need to decide whether you want to use AutoCAD as a stand-alone application or a plug-in for other applications.


An AutoCAD stand-alone installation has all the AutoCAD software, and a sample workbook, files, and template libraries available, so that you can start creating your first drawings in less than 10 minutes. An AutoCAD plug-in installation can allow other applications to import and edit AutoCAD files, but you will need to purchase additional AutoCAD plug-in licenses to use them. For example, the AutoCAD Grasshopper plug-in can import or edit images and text files into an AutoCAD drawing. The minimum AutoCAD Grasshopper license is $1,000, and each additional license is $2,000. You can read more about AutoCAD plug-ins in the Plug-ins for AutoCAD Help section.

Once you have installed the software on your system, you will need to decide which type of license you want for use. You can pay a one-time license fee for the software, or you can purchase an annual subscription that will allow you to use it on your system for an unlimited number of years. A single license is $1,200,

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AutoCAD 2013 introduced, as of September 2013, no support for Data Exchange Format (DXF) R18, drawing exchange format (RDF) and (direct) AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format (ADXF). It uses its own file format, supporting import from and export to.dwg,.dxf,.dwgx,.dwt,.dwg2,.dgn,.dxf2,.dwg3,.dwg4,.dwg5,.dwg6,.dwg7,.dwg8,.dwg9 and.dwg10. For compatibility reasons, it does not support import from or export to native AutoCAD format, including.dwg and.dxf, but it does import and export to Autodesk’s native DWGZ format.

In 2012, Autodesk released the Autodesk DWG Viewer and DWG Viewer Xpress, which allows viewing DWG files in a standalone application.

Raster to vector conversion tools
AutoCAD provides raster to vector tools to convert images into drawings. The following are supported:
raster to vector conversion for TIFF images and Photoshop images.
raster to vector conversion for Adobe Photoshop images.
raster to vector conversion for scanned images.
raster to vector conversion for.svg files.

Sub-D functions
In version 2011, the Company launched Sub-D functions, which let users convert the functions of the original drawing. It replaces the commands of the original drawing. Users can convert the type of parameters, add dimensions and measurements and modify the layers and text.

Work streams and support
Autodesk provides two types of software support: Subscription and Enterprise Support. Users of Subscription Support are billed on an annual basis and need to pay to renew their subscriptions every year. Enterprise Support is paid by the user and is available for purchase. Autodesk provides two versions of its products: Pro and Ultimate.

Autodesk Subscription Support (SAS) is a service which allows subscribers to access Autodesk software on a subscription basis. A subscription fee is billed monthly for use of all products included in the subscription. Subscription has no expiration date and unlimited use.

Autodesk provides different levels of support for its products, namely Standard, Professional, Advanced Professional and Enterprise. Standard and Professional support

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Go to the Menu and select “Add-Ins”. Click “AutocadAddIns.7z”.
In “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2020” folder, open the.7z archive.

In the folder “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2020”, open the folder “Key.exe”.

Click “IniFile”. Click “New”. Change the file name as “Key.ini”.

In the new file, insert the following lines:
Save and exit.

Open the Windows Start Menu, search for “Key.exe”. Right-click it and choose “Run as Administrator”.

In the “General” tab, insert the following line:
AutoCAD=”D:\path_to_AutoCAD\Program\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2020\AutoCAD.exe”
Click “OK”.

Why use this software?

AutoCAD is a graphical interactive tool used for creating architectural, mechanical, civil, and electrical design models. This software allows you to create two-dimensional or three-dimensional drawings and solid modeling for interior or exterior space. It is a very powerful tool for anyone who wants to work with two- and three-dimensional images. Autodesk also offers Architectural Design, Land Design, Landscape Design, and Construction and MEP Design.

AutoCAD is a tool which is used by designers, drafters, engineers, construction engineers, and project managers. AutoCAD provides an advanced interface for working with two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings and allows you to create new drawings and manage existing ones. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.

AutoCAD has powerful tools that are used to create quality drawings and 3D models. These tools can be used for all disciplines of designing. A major advantage of AutoCAD is its ability to be used across multiple disciplines by engineers, architects, and designers. In addition, this tool has an advanced, comprehensive, and easy-to-use interface that is very user-friendly.

The design process with Auto

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Display modified drawings in real time: Add an arrow to select a modified drawing and quickly review your changes at a glance.

Extended Markup & Reference Tools:

Customize your design workflow with new Help and References features.

Keyboard shortcuts.

Multi-language support.

Graphics and Models:

See the modeled shape of your building at any size without a magnifying glass.

Add color to your drawings.

View your drawings in multiple ways, including on your mobile device.

View a 2D image that looks exactly like your 3D model.

Move design elements with the built-in off-line editor.

AutoCAD Modeling for Autodesk DWG (.dwg)

File Formats:

Export to (PDF or DWG): Now you can export drawings to PDF, DWG or both formats at once.

Export to DWG & PDF: All of the Autodesk DWG Export and

Add to AutoCAD: commands are now available in the Autodesk DWG format.

Save Options:

Save drawing as.dwg file

Save drawing to dxf.

Print your drawing.

Design Apps:

Get started with new design apps in AutoCAD 2023, including

Extendable 3D Models,

Annotations for faster drawing,

2D and 3D perspective views,

Dry run for design review, and

Viewing and comparing designs in 3D.

3D Printing:

Print 3D models directly from the drawing window. Create stereolithographic (SLA) models and print them directly from the drawing window.

Enter STL file format (.stl) for Autodesk.stl format.


Let the cloud help you out with new tools.

With the Internet-connected cloud, you can access your drawings from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can also download the latest Autodesk cloud content updates to your computer.

What’s next for Autodesk AutoCAD and other applications? Visit our AutoCAD 2023 news page to read more.

Learn more about the new features in AutoCAD 2023 at our Autodesk 365 web page.

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System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Required:- Processor: 2.8 GHz Dual Core or Faster
OS: Windows XP or Windows 7
Graphics: DirectX9 compatible graphics card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 8 GB
Additional: Windows Media Center compatible TV or HD-DVD player
Steam: Required
Reported Problems:
– No “Please Stand By” status bar message appears in the game. If you don’t see this message after entering the main menu, check

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