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Can AutoCAD read other software and applications?

Yes, it can. AutoCAD can import files from other programs, including other CAD programs.

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How does AutoCAD save files?

AutoCAD saves files in a proprietary format called DWG (drawing).

The DWG format contains information about the layers, coordinate systems, block size, block rotation, block positions, block data, block drawings, block formulas, block text, and various other features that enable you to open and edit the DWG file in AutoCAD.

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What are the most common errors that I make when using AutoCAD?

The most common errors made by AutoCAD users are similar to those made by users of other software. They are usually caused by inattention to details and a lack of technical skill. The most common errors are:

moving, rotating, scaling, or translating objects that are not appropriate (e.g., not in the drawing area, are out of the current layer, have the wrong size, orientation, layer, etc.)

moving, rotating, scaling, or translating objects that are too large or too small

incorrectly creating new layers

messing up the order in which objects are saved

incorrectly modifying block coordinates, block position, and block size

incorrectly moving, rotating, scaling, or translating blocks

incorrectly creating, deleting, editing, or modifying block drawings

incorrectly positioning or moving blocks on a drawing surface

incorrectly sizing, rotating, or translating text blocks

incorrectly changing the block font, block size, and block drawing size

incorrectly changing block formula settings

incorrectly adding or deleting blocks from a drawing

incorrectly setting block rotation or block settings

incorrectly modifying block coordinates, block position, or block size

incorrectly editing block attributes or mis-editing block formulas

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What can I do to reduce these errors?

[ ] Practice using AutoCAD.

[ ] Read the manuals that come with the software and watch instructional videos.


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I’m planning a new database for a web application.
What would be a good size for the tables (in disk)?
I’m currently thinking of around 500MB – 1GB.
The number of users that will access the database is around 5000 a month.
I’m planning to use SQL Server 2012.


Start with the answer from @Donald 😉
But in a very similar environment here is what I am recommending

I would start with the minimum recommended size
The first instance has an overhead of 1GB
“If you need more than 64 GB of RAM, you should use a RAM disk, but all three versions of SQL Server only support a maximum of 4GB of RAM”
“A RAM disk is a virtual disk that is part of the system’s main RAM memory. It provides read-only access to physical RAM.”
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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Markup Assist lets you add the required markup to a drawing automatically, to help you quickly get your work done.

Not only does it create line and arc annotations automatically, but it also adds other types of annotations that may be missing from your drawing, such as flowchart and picture annotations.

When it comes to readability, it is nice that the “Auto-Add Auto-Format” option has been improved so that the text in a text box and text notes is consistently set to a 4 point font regardless of the new text settings.

In some cases, the “Slope Protection” and “Climb Protection” options have been added to the “Edit Markup” dialogue box in the “Add Markup” dialogue box to allow for finer and more precise control over the slope and climb values when applying slope and climb protection.

Drop-down navigation and modal dialogs:

Navigation between menus and dialogs has been improved. When opening a menu, you can see how many menus remain in the list. When opening a dialog, you can see that there is only one more menu to be opened.

If you do not want to select something in a dialog, pressing ESC will bring up the context menu again.

Modal dialogs can be managed in the System Preferences.

Inline plots:

Anchor the plot to the edges of the plot area, or within the plot area, and apply related properties in the plot area itself, and the plot will take advantage of the constraints.

Remove the plot area to just use the plot, and the plot will stay as if it had never been removed.

The plot can be saved as a new drawing with all the previous settings and properties.

Tabs and tabs with tab control:

Navigate between tabs with the Tab key. Click anywhere in a tab to switch to the other tabs.

Click the tab icon at the top-right of a tab to display an indicator, showing which tab is currently active.

When dragging and dropping objects in one tab to another tab, a preview of the objects will appear in the tab before they are dropped.


Drag objects in a group to move the group as a unit.

Drag objects out of the group to remove them from the group.

Click the group icon at the top-right of the Group

System Requirements:

* Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows Vista
* 1GHz or faster processor
* 256 MB of RAM
* CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
The Windows 95 version requires Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.
A copy of the game has been provided by the publisher for review purposes.
Published by Electronic Arts
Darksiders is rated Teen by the ESRB. For more information about this game and other EA titles, visit

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