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Can AutoCAD read other software and applications?

Yes, it can. AutoCAD can import files from other programs, including other CAD programs.

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How does AutoCAD save files?

AutoCAD saves files in a proprietary format called DWG (drawing).

The DWG format contains information about the layers, coordinate systems, block size, block rotation, block positions, block data, block drawings, block formulas, block text, and various other features that enable you to open and edit the DWG file in AutoCAD.

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What are the most common errors that I make when using AutoCAD?

The most common errors made by AutoCAD users are similar to those made by users of other software. They are usually caused by inattention to details and a lack of technical skill. The most common errors are:

moving, rotating, scaling, or translating objects that are not appropriate (e.g., not in the drawing area, are out of the current layer, have the wrong size, orientation, layer, etc.)

moving, rotating, scaling, or translating objects that are too large or too small

incorrectly creating new layers

messing up the order in which objects are saved

incorrectly modifying block coordinates, block position, and block size

incorrectly moving, rotating, scaling, or translating blocks

incorrectly creating, deleting, editing, or modifying block drawings

incorrectly positioning or moving blocks on a drawing surface

incorrectly sizing, rotating, or translating text blocks

incorrectly changing the block font, block size, and block drawing size

incorrectly changing block formula settings

incorrectly adding or deleting blocks from a drawing

incorrectly setting block rotation or block settings

incorrectly modifying block coordinates, block position, or block size

incorrectly editing block attributes or mis-editing block formulas

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What can I do to reduce these errors?

[ ] Practice using AutoCAD.

[ ] Read the manuals that come with the software and watch instructional videos.


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Block diagram

Designers, drafters, illustrators, and other users of AutoCAD can draw objects using blocks. The blocks available for use include lines, polylines, arcs, circles, squares, rectangles, text, text boxes, and pictures. Blocks can be linked, which enables the user to insert a block diagram into a drawing. Objects can be created, inserted, and linked using the same menu options available for drawing objects. Blocks can be linked together using the same method as objects: by drawing a line between two objects or by associating one object with another. Objects, including blocks, can be rotated, mirrored, and scaled.

AutoCAD offers the ability to combine several block diagrams together using the multiblock feature. The multiblock feature enables a user to create a diagram that has one or more blocks automatically added as an object. It also allows blocks to be connected in a way similar to objects, via a line or bar. The multiblock feature enables the user to quickly create a drawing containing multiple diagrams, for example, a floor plan with various room designs and elevations, without having to manually create each drawing.


AutoCAD also provides APIs for scripting (programming) using the following languages:
Visual LISP
Visual Basic
Microsoft Visual C++
Script, a scripting language that supports the Lua programming language

AutoCAD can also be integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio using VBA.

For graphical editing of AutoCAD objects, the UCAD plugin enables the user to work with the objects using the same toolbars, context menus, and commands as they use for creating objects. This is useful for visual editing, when a design element or block is already drawn.


AutoCAD was originally developed by Autodesk from 1989 to 1999. It was based on the same technology as the earlier AutoLISP product from 1985. In 1998 Autodesk sold AutoCAD to the French company Micrografx. In 2003 Micrografx itself was bought by Corel. In 2015 Corel was bought by Kepware, which also owns the trademark rights to AutoCAD.

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Open the Autocad application and select the 2D tab.

You will now see 2D drawing objects, which have no dimensionality.

Click on the 2D drawing object and then open up the dimensionality.

A pop up box will appear asking whether you want to load the dimensionality. Click Yes.

Now you will see the dimensionality.

Double-click on the dimensionality to select it.

Click on the dimension type button and select Ortho.

Double click on the ortho element to add it to your drawing and connect it to the element you wish to dimension.

Click on the dimension line button and choose a width or thickness for your element.

Double click on the button to connect the dimension line to the element.

You can now see your drawing and the dimension line, which you have drawn.

You can also measure and create properties for the dimension line.

To exit, click on the X button, in the top-right corner of the autocad window.

From within autocad, go to File > Open to open your 2D drawing.

Open the 2D drawing file and then double-click on the dimensionality you wish to dimension.

Select the ortho element you wish to dimension.

Click on the dimension button.

You can choose the thickness and the width of the dimension line by clicking on the buttons.

You can also choose whether to add a legend.

Click on the button to the right of the button to add the legend.

Now you can see the dimensionality in autocad.

To exit autocad, press the ‘x’ button in the top right corner of the autocad window.

You can change the thickness and the width of the dimension line in the attribute table.

You can also delete the dimension line, or a legend, or change the color of the dimension line.

To exit autocad, press the ‘x’ button in the top right corner of the autocad window.

Please ask for any clarifications.



The specification does not say what happens if a dimension line is not fully drawn when you are asked to load a 2D drawing. The specification says:

If a dimension is not fully loaded, the dimension is not available in AutoCAD. The dimension line must be completely drawn and selected

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Autodesk is pleased to announce the release of AutoCAD 2023! The new version of AutoCAD is available today as a free update for current licensees of AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD. AutoCAD 2023 offers a wide range of improvements, including workflow enhancements, improvements to the visual design process, and new features for working with physics and geometry. Additionally, AutoCAD LT 2023 users have access to an early build of the AutoCAD for macOS toolset, including improved cloud compatibility and a number of new features that will be available in the full AutoCAD release. Finally, with AutoCAD LT 2023, users gain access to a new level of productivity enhancements for engineers with a need for design automation and rendering. These new features are outlined below.

AutoCAD 2023 for Mac:

In the coming months, AutoCAD LT for macOS users will be able to experience the benefits of the latest version of AutoCAD with the help of the free AutoCAD for macOS toolset. With the new release, there are three main areas of benefit for engineers who need a robust design automation solution that supports cloud-based and offline workflows.

The first of these benefits is AutoCAD for macOS’s new level of cloud compatibility. In the past, AutoCAD for macOS users could only use cloud services and Web-based file formats for AutoCAD LT drawings. Now, cloud services and Web-based file formats are supported for the desktop application, allowing users to connect directly to their cloud-based files from their AutoCAD for macOS drawing.

The second area of benefit is AutoCAD for macOS’s new support for connected cloud services for offline design and editing of drawing components. This means that a user can open and edit an AutoCAD LT drawing component in the online cloud (using Office 365, OneDrive, or other cloud-based services), and then, when they’re offline, upload those changes to their own file server, such as a network-attached storage (NAS) drive.

The third area of benefit is the new support for directly editing a DGN file on a Mac from Microsoft Word. Previously, AutoCAD LT users could only open a DGN file in an online cloud, and that cloud file could only be edited and saved in Microsoft Word. Now, a user can open a DGN file in the online cloud and then directly edit and save the

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7 or Windows 8 – 64bit or 32bit.
DirectX 10
DirectX 11
Copy & paste
Standard Shaders
Controller configuration:
Pro controller – 4 face buttons and 4 shoulder buttons (L1/R1, L2/R2, L3/R3, L4/R4, X/B, A/Y, C/X, C/Y)
Standard controller – 3 face buttons, 2 shoulder buttons, X/B and left/right C stick

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