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AutoCAD was originally developed as an architectural design and drafting tool, and its capabilities as a CAD and drafting application have increased over the years. AutoCAD is widely used by commercial and engineering organizations. CAD, or computer-aided design, refers to a process of designing and creating three-dimensional drawings of objects such as mechanical parts and vehicles. AutoCAD is the most popularly used commercial CAD software.

Each revision of AutoCAD creates a new, distinct set of core features and technical innovations, with changes designed to meet the needs of the software users’ ever-changing requirements. AutoCAD’s user interface has been updated over the years to make it more user-friendly and to make it easier for users to select the appropriate options.

The program’s intended audiences have included the following: architects, graphic designers, engineers, drafters, architects, contractors, machinists, manufacturing facilities, technicians, carpenters, mechanics, civil engineers, demolition workers, industrial/commercial designers, machine shop technicians, graphic artists, and illustrators. AutoCAD may also be used by business analysts and managers to support the creation and evaluation of ideas, processes, and products.

AutoCAD Tutorials

Learning AutoCAD is not difficult, but it will require some effort to get started. Before you dive into learning AutoCAD, there are a few things that you need to consider. You need to learn the basic commands and settings. You also need to get acquainted with AutoCAD’s commands and options.

Free Autodesk AutoCAD Tutorial

Learn AutoCAD with thousands of Autodesk AutoCAD Tutorials. A full-screen, high-definition, video-based course with practical exercises and expert instruction.

Learning AutoCAD requires knowledge of the fundamentals of AutoCAD. The following AutoCAD commands are available:

Selecting Objects

Drawing Lines, Curves, and Polylines

Moving Objects

Creating Text

Creating Dimensions

Creating Plots

Creating Masks

Creating Custom Brushes

Creating Extrusions and More

Learning AutoCAD also requires you to know the basic settings. These settings include:

Viewing and Working in 3D

Creating Layouts and Drawing Guides

Creating Standard Paper Sizes

Creating Dimensions in Drawing Units

Work-Space Controls

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(Advanced) LiveSketch (now discontinued) was a command-line program for sketching and annotation, useful for illustrating AutoCAD drawings, graphs, mathematical calculations, and other ideas.

New features

August 2014: When converting from DWG to DXF, “Plane” command introduced
2012: AutoCAD Mechanical Improved capabilities for milling and drilling operations
2012: AutoCAD Electrical Introduced the ability to define alternative voltage levels for IEC circuits on devices, including power supplies and other power-related parts. Also introduced the ability to use AutoCAD as a drawing review tool to allow a designer to view and edit drawing elements while keeping the drawing locked.
2009: AutoCAD Release 2009 introduced new workbenches for creating and modifying datums.
2008: AutoCAD Release 2008 introduced a new 2D command set that allows users to extract the 2D projection of a 3D model or 2D sketch to use as a template for 2D parts.
2007: AutoCAD Mechanical introduced the ability to specify distance tolerances for assembling components.
2007: AutoCAD Mechanical introduced the ability to specify corner radii when drafting fixtures.
2005: AutoCAD Release 2005 introduced the ability to create custom commands that can be run at any time.
2005: AutoCAD Release 2005 introduced the ability to include external libraries in drawings.
2004: AutoCAD 2004 introduced the ability to draw lines with kinematic constraints.
2003: AutoCAD 2000 introduced a new user interface.
2002: AutoCAD Release 2002 introduced new tools for drawing fixtures.
2001: AutoCAD Release 2001 introduced the ability to import and export SVF files.
2000: AutoCAD Release 2000 introduced a tool for rendering 2D perspective drawings.
1999: AutoCAD Release 1999 introduced a feature for referencing the location of a tool on a drawing in relation to other tools.

Historical versions

Autodesk discontinued support for AutoCAD Release 2000 on July 31, 2014. The AutoCAD.NET Framework version 3.5 is now the recommended development environment for creating and editing AutoCAD drawings. AutoCAD Release 1999 is no longer supported for new development. AutoCAD Release 2018 is the latest release of AutoCAD.

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What’s New In?

Model-Based Design:

Workflow flexibility for different design styles. Introduce your own design styles, and then customize them to work best with your current software setup. (video: 1:15 min.)

CAD Plug-ins:

Speed up your workflow with up to 50x faster performance. Gain control over the CAD data by creating custom plug-ins. With our built-in plugin framework, add your own commands, functions and scripts. (video: 1:30 min.)

More in detail, Markup Import and Markup Assist

Edit drawing by reading printed paper or PDFs

With our new Markup Import and Markup Assist capabilities, you can use paper or PDF documents as a source for creating marks, arrows, text, blocks and dimensions, and quickly update your model with those imported marks, arrows, text and dimensions. Simply, annotate your model and attach the drawing to a viewport, and get a preview of your final marking.

Drawing features and object data flow with a built-in process

With Markup Import, you can import your existing drawing objects to your model, including text, arrows, blocks, dimensions, and so on.

Use Markup Assist to insert marks, arrows, text, blocks and dimensions on your model to form a flow, and update the drawing with those marks.

You can preview your annotations and drawings by combining viewing and editing views in a single window. You can view your work in parallel to your own ongoing work, and continue drawing, annotating, editing, moving, resizing, and much more in any combination of views.

Drawing tools, too

Draw, edit, and annotate with familiar tools and editing methods. With redesigned 3D View, you can easily explore your design in a 3D space. And with the new Command Panel, you can also quickly access any of your existing Markup or other CAD tools.

Use built-in marker tools to place, draw and edit points, lines, circles, polygons, arcs and splines, and create text, symbols, and shapes.

Use the command line to create custom Markup styles, and then import or attach drawing objects in the standard or custom Markup styles.

Use the command line to create custom commands, functions and scripts, and attach them to the Markup, Block, Dimension, Label, Text, Command or Procedure palettes.

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