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AutoCAD is used for designing everything from aircraft to homes, cities and cities. Autodesk’s initial CAD market was limited to architectural drafting, but the software continues to evolve, and today it is an all-encompassing tool for designing many types of engineering, architectural and construction drawings. Its features have also been expanded to incorporate more engineering and drafting software functionality.

How to Use AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a desktop app that is installed on a computer running a Microsoft Windows operating system. The app also has a version for Android smartphones and tablets and for macOS. The software has many different types of users, ranging from architectural and mechanical draftsman to engineers and industrial designers.

AutoCAD has a strong customer base with a worldwide sales base of over 26 million users. The AutoCAD app is available as a mobile version that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. It also has an interactive web interface that enables users to collaborate on projects over the Internet.

Download AutoCAD

Free AutoCAD download includes certain software and professional only features.

The current AutoCAD version is 2018.4. Note: AutoCAD 2018 is the latest version.

You can get AutoCAD 2018 for free. It’s available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

You can get AutoCAD 2016 for free. It’s available for Windows and macOS.

AutoCAD is free, but it’s only available as a licensed version for personal use. Professional versions are available for a fee.

To start drawing in AutoCAD, launch the app and sign in with a user ID and password.

To create a drawing, you select File, Open.

You can open a drawing file that is on a networked drive, or you can browse the local drive for a drawing file.

To find a drawing file, you can search by project name, filenumber, or drawing number.

To open a drawing file, you select File, Open.

For a new file, you enter the file name, location, project name, or drawing number.

To save a drawing, you select File, Save.

You can save the drawing directly to the local drive, or to a networked drive.

To view a drawing file, you select File, Open.

You can also open a saved drawing file

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Add your comments with Markup Assist, an alternative to the command line, including the ability to edit the text and comments in the Autodesk markup language directly in the drawing. (video: 1:52 min.)

Multi-digit Reference Numbers:

Generate standard reference numbers for your drawings using text styles in your drawings. You can also tag your text with a reference number and then search for it in the drawing to quickly find it. (video: 4:19 min.)

Workspace Management:

Reduce manual work by adding workspaces to existing drawings automatically. Set up your workspaces based on folder structures or organize drawings by person, project, or project type. (video: 4:56 min.)

New Toolbars and Menus:

Improve your efficiency with new contextual toolbars and menus.

AutoCAD improves on previous versions of the program by incorporating new features and more functionality. Here’s a look at some of the major updates that have been included in this new release.


AutoCAD has been updated to include new ribbon-based features. The ribbon offers a more visual and user-friendly experience. This guide will take you through some of the ribbon’s features, showing you how they work and how you can use them to improve your work.

Standard Toolbar & Navigation

In earlier versions of AutoCAD, the ribbon featured a Standard toolbar and a Navigation bar. These are no longer included in AutoCAD 2023. You will instead find an updated toolbars with the following features:

Toolbar Navigation

You can access settings and options by selecting the first option from the dropdown menu next to the Toolbar button. To return to your previous view, press the Clear button to toggle off the button.

To access the Standard toolbar, select it from the View dropdown menu next to the main toolbar (Figure 1). The Standard toolbar includes basic and advanced drawing and analysis tools.

To access the Navigation bar, select it from the View dropdown menu next to the Standard toolbar.

Figure 1. Access the toolbars by selecting from the View dropdown menu.

The Navigation bar includes standard drawing tools that are used for the most common functions in AutoCAD, such as drawing rectangles, circles, and lines. It also includes other drawing functions, such as linetypes, text styles, and appearance sets. The Drawing

System Requirements:

XBOX 360 version can be played in English on Xbox Live Gold Members only (see full version of the program for further details), with the following system requirements:
– 16 GB of hard drive space
– Xbox 360 console with a 500GB or larger hard drive
– 5 GB of RAM
PlayStation®3 version can be played on PSN™ users only (see full version of the program for further details), with the following system requirements:
– 10 GB of hard drive space
– PS3 console with a 500GB or larger hard

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