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AutoCAD Download [2022]

AutoCAD is a general-purpose, multi-platform software application for 2D and 3D drafting, design, and visualisation of technical drawings, mechanical and electrical schematics, maps, globes, models and more. It was first released in 1982 by Autodesk as a desktop app. AutoCAD is a general-purpose, multi-platform software application for 2D and 3D drafting, design, and visualisation of technical drawings, mechanical and electrical schematics, maps, globes, models and more. It was first released in 1982 by Autodesk as a desktop app.

Autodesk has made major improvements in AutoCAD since the 1990s. Although the core functionality remains the same, since the release of AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD users now have more advanced tools and workflows, and more options for customisation and integration with other software applications.

AutoCAD LT is a lightweight version of AutoCAD, which is designed to be used by beginners, students, and hobbyists for basic drafting. Originally released in 1989 as a Windows version, it is now available for Linux, macOS, and Windows. AutoCAD LT was developed to satisfy the needs of small organisations, and users who need only basic drafting capabilities.

The current release is 2015, and features over 20,000 new and enhanced features and improvements to the drafting, modelling, and rendering capabilities of the software. The latest release brings major new features and improvements in every category of the application, including drafting, design, visualisation, and rendering, while the API still keeps its close relationship to its roots in the original AutoCAD release.

Autodesk AutoCAD is available in three different editions. Each is intended for a different group of users. All three are capable of exporting to a wide variety of file formats and for users who are skilled in the use of the tool, there is a strong emphasis on customisation and scripting.

The commercial editions of AutoCAD also include the ability to save and publish drawings, which can be shared with others. The Internet Premium Edition (AutoCAD IPE) and the LT (AutoCAD LT) are designed to be used by non-professionals, and are the most feature-rich commercial versions of the software.

Although AutoCAD is a commercial application, the free open source AutoCAD LT is intended to satisfy the needs of users who only need basic drafting capabilities,

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AutoCAD Full Version

On the left window open Autocad and drag Autocad.exe to your desktop.
Rename it to “Autocad.exe”
Double click Autocad.exe
Launch Autocad.exe > use the following settings : 1. Launch Autocad.exe > File > New > Datafile > D10 – 3Point Arc > Save Autocad.d10 > File > Save
Open Autocad.d10 with Notepad.
Copy and paste the following code into the first row of the AutoCAD file :

Save it as Autocad.d10
Close Autocad
Now your program can use the keygen.


Option Explicit

‘ Autocad.d10 must be opened with Notepad, just before the following code
‘ Otherwise the following code would not work

‘ AutoCAD keygen

‘ In English

‘ This script will automatically work, if the AutoCAD file has been launched from a shortcut or
‘ if the AutoCAD.d10 file has been placed on the desktop

‘ GOTO checkAutoCAD

Private Const MAX_ITERATIONS = 10000

Sub checkAutoCAD()
Dim locCon As Boolean, locWlk As Boolean

If Dir(“C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\Autocad.d10”) = vbNullString Then Exit Sub

What’s New In?

Paper Layout and Drawing Management:

With Batch Input, you can automatically add drawings, paper sizes, and images to a paper layout. If a new drawing is added, it is automatically included in the paper layout and appears as an editable layer. (video: 1:46 min.)

New and revised features:

Formula for the Freehand Tool:

Use the new Formula tool to create dynamic guides that follow input strokes on your drawing.

2D Web:

Drag and drop images directly into your web document, just like a drawing!

Automatic Reference Listing:

With automated reference list placement, you’ll never have to pick the actual number or color of the reference lines again.

Extend Reference Tools:

The Extend Reference Tool is now available for non-reference parts of your drawings.

2D Matrix:

Create 2D matrices to represent your coordinate and position data.

Add, Move and Copy Shapes:

With these 3 tools, you can easily move and copy shapes within your drawing.

General, 3D and annotation preferences:

These preferences give you easy access to everything you need to make your AutoCAD experience more productive.

Command Palette:

Use the Command Palette to find commands, access templates and keyboard shortcuts. You can also control what commands appear in the command palette.


Import and export geometry is now easier, because you no longer need to export objects into an external format like dxf.

Right-click context menu:

Use the new right-click context menu to add annotations to drawings or to search and select points in your drawings.

Tasks Overview:

A new task tab in the Ribbon brings together your active drawing windows and palettes, enabling you to access your work with a single click.

2D Web Workspaces:

Each web workspace can now be created as an independent 2D web document that is automatically incorporated into your AutoCAD drawings.

Quick Links for commands:

With Quick Links for commands, you can access the commands you use most often with a single click.

Audio/video recorder:

Record comments made within AutoCAD, and publish them as web pages.

Document Management:

Import drawings to the Document

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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