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AutoCAD (Latest)

This tutorial is for learning the basics of using AutoCAD. You will learn basic drawing and the basic concepts of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is a 2D and 3D CAD software application, it is a powerful and quite complex program. For this reason, it is much more expensive than similar CAD software. However, it has a simple interface, a friendly user interface, and it is not difficult to learn.

More than one million people use AutoCAD every day, including architects, engineers, and others in the architectural and engineering fields. Some of the industries that use CAD software are aerospace, construction, mechanical, and others.

AutoCAD is used by students and professionals alike and is available for Windows, Macintosh and mobile platforms. This tutorial will focus on AutoCAD basics, and how to make drawings. It will also cover some of the features of AutoCAD.

These topics include:

Choosing an operating system and a version of AutoCAD

Choosing the correct AutoCAD version

Installing and running AutoCAD

Using AutoCAD

Loading and saving a drawing

Making and saving a drawing

Changing between units

Making and editing layers

Creating and deleting objects

Creating text

Setting up the drawing environment

AutoCAD used to be a desktop app, it was loaded onto a computer, a mouse was connected, and the user would drag and drop the drawing files on to the mouse and then draw. Today AutoCAD runs on a computer or on a tablet or mobile device. On a computer, AutoCAD is available as a desktop app (with a mouse) and also as a web app (with a mouse). On a tablet or mobile device, AutoCAD is available as a desktop app (with a mouse) and as a mobile app (with a stylus).

AutoCAD can be used with two different interfaces: Drawing and DrawingView. You can use either one, or both. In this tutorial, we will be covering only the Drawing interface.

Choosing an Operating System and a Version of AutoCAD

AutoCAD is available on Windows, Macintosh and mobile platforms.

AutoCAD is available on a wide range of operating systems, from Windows to Unix. The following are popular operating systems that have AutoCAD on them:

Windows (x86, x64)

Macintosh OS X

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Also, there are various methods to create and edit parts of drawing using AutoCAD’s scripting language.

Some of the components of the AutoCAD application are available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

New features in AutoCAD 2010
New features introduced in 2010 included:

The user interface had been redesigned and replaced the previous Windows Control Panel style with a modern interface based on the Metro design.
Methods of running many applications, previously spread over several separate locations, were consolidated into a single unified location in the Start Menu.
The ability to annotate a drawing with comments.
AutoCAD’s networking capabilities were extended to allow collaboration among multiple users over the internet.
A ‘wireframe’ view of the 3D models allowed seeing the actual structure of the objects without drawing any lines or edges on them.

New features in AutoCAD 2011
New features introduced in 2011 include:

A new ‘PaperSpace’ view, in which 3D objects can be viewed in paper space, with their own view and resolution, in addition to the normal 3D view.
A new ‘2D-Space’ view, in which 2D objects can be viewed as though they are on paper.
A new ‘Plane’ view, in which a 2D object can be viewed like it is cut in two. This is useful for displaying layers, for example.
‘PaperSpace’, ‘2D-Space’ and ‘Plane’ view were previously available as plugins, but in 2011 they were made available as a part of the basic AutoCAD installation.
In a new version, the user interface now uses Unicode, making the program easier to use in different languages, and including a number of new Chinese characters.
The ability to view real-time 3D rendering on Windows, iOS, and Android, including a new mode called ‘Rendering Space’ to eliminate visual ‘artifacts’ that are typically produced when displaying 3D content.

New features in AutoCAD 2012
New features introduced in 2012 include:

In new version, the user interface now uses TrueType fonts (instead of bitmap fonts)
In new version, the new ability to annotate the drawings, in addition to the existing methods of creating comments and dimensioning.
In new version, the ‘Wireframe’ option in 3D views has been renamed to ‘Visibility’ and the ‘Show as PaperSpace’ option has been moved

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For the following steps you need to be logged in as an Autodesk account.
(You can sign-in using a free account but not with a free license.)

A typical registry key is deleted
Note: this will delete all non-administrator keys in all subfolders of the HKLM\Software\Autodesk folder, including those with unusual names.
Run the command and hit Enter.
Winreg delete “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Autodesk\Autocad” /f

Edit the text file autocad.reg that you just ran to change the following line:

Save it to the same location as your registry file.

Run the command and hit Enter.

The result of these two steps is that the relevant registry key has been deleted
and replaced with a registry key that disables Autocad.

To undo these changes, edit the autocad.reg file and change the line
“EnableAutocad”=dword:00000001 to “EnableAutocad”=dword:00000002. Save and run the autocad.reg file again.

You now have a custom Autocad key.

The key is configurable
Every time you open Autocad, you have to use this key. Simply type its
contents into the Command Line and press Enter.

In conjunction with my license keys for Autocad and AutoCAD LT, you can also use the following shortcuts:

ctrl+shift+1 to get into Acad
ctrl+shift+2 to get into AcadLT


You can use the Winreg tool from Autodesk.
On Windows 7, simply download and run the Autodesk Winreg Tool:


If you use the key generator tool to add your license to a new key, it will tell you the value to put in the value section of the registry key.

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What’s New in the?

Watch this video to learn how to incorporate comments from PDFs and other sources into your drawings.

Work with multiple entities (Drawing, Group, and Layer) in the same drawing. View all the entities in the same AutoCAD window, even if the entities are hidden.

Use the information in the drawing to guide your edits (such as scale, size, and position).

Modify multiple entities at the same time and track your changes.

Draw better with a scalable format for annotating drawings.

Draw tools are easy to use and increase drawing accuracy.

Use the new tool palette, tool shortcut buttons, and drawing context menu to perform commands quickly.

Start drawing with a drawing aid – get the complete drawing environment up and running without having to open a drawing. files from AutoCAD drawings. files that export your drawing to Adobe Illustrator. files with the.dia extensions. files from.dia drawings. files for EPS. files that export your drawings to Adobe Illustrator.

Import images, maps, and 3D models.

The new Process Commands option lets you run commands sequentially or batch them up for more efficient execution.

Create an error object to find errors in your drawings.

Create and insert new drawings directly from the command line.

Preview and edit any part of the drawing, including extruded and multiline objects.

Create a continuous line symbol and insert it directly into the drawing.

Extract or insert blocks into the drawing from the command line.

Annotate your drawings from the command line. Annotate drawings without the use of the annotation tool.

The annotation tool has a variety of options to annotate your drawings.

The Cut tool lets you cut through multiple layers and objects.

Work more efficiently with the edit options and track changes with powerful annotations.

Create shapefiles from AutoCAD drawings. Create shapefiles that export your drawings to 3D Max, V-Ray, and other 3D packages.

Visible Annotation options let you specify an alpha channel for the annotation and set the type of annotation, such as area, bounding box, etc.

Create a multi-page drawing from a single drawing.

Shapes can be linked across separate

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