Bentley FlowMaster V8i 08 11 01 03Bentley FlowMaster V8i 08 11 01 03 REPACK

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Bentley FlowMaster V8i 08 11 01 03Bentley FlowMaster V8i 08 11 01 03


Bentley Power InRoads V8i (SELECTseries 3) SS3 v08.187.000-2 (Pre-Navi) – meets the requirements of AJHFC (Italy) and confirms the high level of support for the markets of interested countries.
The manufacturer is Bentley Motors Limited. The company has been producing powerful luxury cars since 2010. The first was the “twin” Bentayga – Bentleys SS3 (2012).
The Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system allows Bentlex to reach a maximum speed of 215 km / h, while maintaining all the smoothness and comfort of its ride.
The car has great advantages over traditional engines, which are considered obsolete. First of all, alternative engine options should be named. Compared to the Evo 2.0L turbodiesel launched in 2005, the Evo 2 petrol is more fuel efficient and the combined torque is 20% higher. To maintain engine power in high torque conditions and save fuel, Buillex Technology developed Efficient TCT technology, which reduced fuel consumption by 5% while increasing power by 10%.
Built Performance is an addition to the Benteler Motorsports Group. It is the official sponsor of the team that won the 2008 Formula 1 championship.
For many years, Builty engineers have powered and cooled tires based on their water system. Production is carried out in the USA, and tires of their own markings are put on the conveyor.Bentli Consulting is a consulting company providing a wide range of services, including customs clearance services and advice.
Registration number – No 011783. The company has the right to provide services for the certification of goods and services, conducting examinations and research. CEO – Yang Shiyan.
Change in registration data – accepted.
Note: RESO-Garantia is part of the Reso Group of Companies. Started in 1993. Established on the basis of the State Insurance Joint-Stock Company “Turgai Energy Company” (NGEC) of the RSFSR, which was the largest enterprise in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the production of electricity. Read more >>>
Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Park of the First President



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