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some matchmedia consumers have told me that it takes some getting used to since the ui is different. their comparison is to tinder; some tinder users might find the visual layout of the app a bit more cluttered, but no doubt, matchmedia has added new features to the mix. matchmedia boasts over six million users, more than any other mobile dating app, and also has among the lowest percentage of profiles that end up dating.

a lot of the apps mentioned in this article are popular because of their intuitive design. while it took me a little while to get comfortable with bumble, many of the other mobile dating apps i tried are pretty easy to use. good app navigation and simple visual designs can go a long way for a new user. what’s your favorite mobile app for hooking up? comment below!

however, because dating apps are centered on the user experience, you could actually use the same dating app for both men and women. what’s more, we’re seeing a decrease in the popularity of apps and websites that cater to women only. women are increasingly joining the online dating world, and looking for opportunities that are tailored to their needs.

although okcupid is male-centric, people of both genders have used the site to find romantic relationships. in fact, when okcupid first launched, it helped more men than women find their romantic partners. today, it’s pretty much the opposite. according to okcupid, 41% of its male users are currently in a relationship, compared to just 20% of its female users.

in a world where you’re competing against hundreds of faceless members, other hookups are usually a numbers game. you’re looking for a hot new girl to get in on a rainy evening when you stumble across her profile on anabolic solution and she turns out to be an awesome local. now you two have another date planned and you can both look forward to a good evening. win. elopement is a service that will help you elope without a hitch. the best part is, you can pair up with a match from your own amenorrhea while you’re at it!

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