Buju Banton-Friends For Life Ful !NEW!

Buju Banton-Friends For Life Ful !NEW!


Buju Banton-Friends For Life Ful

Buju Banton – Friends for Life mp3

It was basically the beginning of my career in music. Sizzla could not refuse the want to collaborate with him.

Life is full of surprises. I learned on the job that you can never predict what will happen. Some of the women I worked with were my friends, and some weren’t.

One day I got a call from Prince. “Prince wants to play you as the A&R man for the albums. Here is the money for your plane ticket. You go with your wife, your girlfriend. You will be well taken care of. No harm done.”

The weird part of the whole thing was that I was accepted on that tour and I played on an album for Prince. It turned out that he was my age, and he was into rock and roll. When I saw him perform, he was not the guy that I had read about in the newspaper. He was a great drummer. I was amazed to hear him play.

The only other thing I knew about him was that he came from Minnesota. He didn’t like Chicago. That didn’t make a difference to me. I was on the road with Prince. We worked together for two years. I enjoyed that. It was a new experience. Prince taught me a lot about the music business.

Music is not just about finding a voice. You have to learn how to work the business. Prince also taught me about the importance of relationships. I learned to trust those people. People are not just another commodity.

He taught me that the same rules apply to business as they do to life. Both are gifts that we have been given. You have to treat them with respect.

Buju Banton – Friends for Life 2003

I remember the first time I made love. The first time I swam with her. The first time we talked about marriage. It was a beautiful moment in my life. She was the only one that I wanted to marry.

I think we were the first couple in our family to do that. I was a very naive man. I thought that marriage would be like that. I had known her for a long time. We were friends, but we were really in love. That’s why we decided to get married.

After the wedding we moved to a nice house. We had a very intimate relationship. I loved the way that she moved. She was a very sexual person



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