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User Swimming Pool Management Software?

I am in the process of deciding which fish would fit well in my 55 gal aquarium. I have been browsing about on the internet looking for fish pool management software to help me keep track of that. Ideally I would like something that will do the following:

Keep track of gallons of water, fish, and the temperature
Set time (day and night) schedules

I have a desktop with Win 7 and Win 8.
I have tried GoAqua (which works for managing my fish tank and the lighting through an app but doesn’t have anything to help me with the above features.
The third feature is the easiest. All you need is a plain ol’ spreadsheet app and you’re done.
I really want a nice web app that will allow me to do all the above things, but doesn’t seem to exist. Also, I don’t want to pay for a full fish management package on top of my already expensive fish tank!
What I am looking for is a web based fish management software that will work over the web. I have found lots of software for regular fish keeping but nothing for the above mentioned features.
Is there any software that is out there doing this?


The first I ever came across was called Fisharium. Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated since 2012 and is no longer available for download. But it does have some features that might be of interest to you:

Water quality indicator – it provides a graph

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