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You may call me Boom.


Starting off as a perpetual learner, I have evolved into a knowledge worker, who integrates complex technology for practical use. I lead implementation of high-technology projects. I also teach part-time for a graduate program in the country’s best university, because I like participating on activities that up-skill mass knowledge in my fields of interest. I seek for opportunities to increase the carrying capacity of the world, but, I have always lived for my family.

In April 2015, I got news that changed my life for good. God surprised us less than a year into the marriage, and for the first time in my life, I was expected to deliver a project that I had zero knowledge of. Everything I knew about pregnancy or parenting (mostly from Biology and Home Economics) were somewhere around incomplete, irrelevant, or totally non-existent. I developed some level of dependency on research and books related to these fields and found some level of comfort even in blogs and other types of online articles that deal with these topics. Suddenly, all sorts of information and opinion from hard and soft sciences became very valuable to me.

Today, I am a 1.5 year old Mommy.

Things have changed, significantly.

I have more things to do, and better use of my time. I tend to over-allocate when my prime priority has to be overlapped by the hours that I burn to generate money, but I usually have very purposeful use of all my available time.

I have developed new skills and found new opportunities. I still run technology projects full-time, but I also have continuously engaged in independent research on information that will help me raise my son better.

My desire to get involved in projects that will change the world, remains.

Plus, I have a team now:


Join us, as we engage in one of my most exciting projects, by far.

Our Little Lab is a long-term self-imposed commitment to create a source of information and tools for on-demand learning at the early years of development.

This site will be limited to featuring best-in-class tools and reliable research on effective early learning. I built this initially to create a structure for my son, while he is too young to undergo formal school, but I am making it available to all, in the hope that it can benefit others, as much as it can be positively influenced with ideas, tools and resources.

Welcome to Our Little Lab!


Our Little Lab is your best online source of educational books, story books and educational toys for kids. Our learning tools are very useful for parents and teachers, as we ensure that each product enables fun, self-paced, home-based early learning.

educational toys, educational books, online


Through partnerships with the world’s proven providers of best-in-class information on early education, we’re giving you access to great books, smart toys, links to free online videos for kids, and relevant research on early education.

To make it easier for you, we have pre-selected the proven and multi-awarded brands and  products in the market, to ensure that your kids only have access to the best toys and books.

Here are quick links to our recommended products:

Feel free to browse through our multiple payment and delivery options, which we have made very convenient for you.

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