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CharruaPACS is a handy and straight-forward freeware PACS server, with auto-routing capabilities. It supports DICOM C-STORE SCP for most used SOP classes, with uncompressed Transfer Syntax and JPEG lossless, JPEG lossy and JPEG 2000 Transfer Syntaxes, C-FIND and C-MOVE SCP Study Root model and C-ECHO Verification as SCP.
It is composed of three applications:
1. Admin: it is used for the initial configuration.
2. CharruaPACS: is the multi-threaded PACS server
3. Webserver: is a WEB server running on port 80, and it allows to change CharruaPACS configuration and to access images through a web browser.

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1. You just need to copy the CharruaPACS archive on your hard disk, and the program will start.
2. You configure the PACS server by means of the three steps:
– The “Directories” section: you specify all the directories where the files generated by CharruaPACS will be stored. This is used by CharruaPACS for storing its data.
– The “Routing” section: you can configure an auto-route for your PACS. This is used by CharruaPACS to load the image when it receives a request from the computer on which CharruaPACS is running.
– The “Applications” section: you add there the applications you want to use.
3. After configuring CharruaPACS you start it by clicking on the “OK” button.
4. After a few seconds CharruaPACS will have started. You can access CharruaPACS through a web browser.
Webserver Description:
This is the first version of the webserver. With the next versions the webserver will have some new features.
Example configuration file for webserver:

# Directory Configuration
# Directory 1 : /var/www/PACS/ch
# Directory 2 : /var/www/PACS/ch/images
# Directory 3 : /var/www/PACS/ch/log
# Directory 4 : /var/www/PACS/ch/scripts
# Directory 5 : /var/www/PACS/ch/configs
# Directories

#Directory 1 : /var/www/PACS/ch
#Directory 2 : /var/www/PACS/ch/images
#Directory 3 : /var/www/PACS/ch/log
#Directory 4 : /var/www/PACS/ch/scripts
#Directory 5 : /var/www/PACS/ch/configs
# Routing
# You can use the following routing methods:
# * – (default)
# * –
# * –

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It is a small utility for generating and modifying the configuration file used by the CharruaPACS server and the web interface, but also to display some parameters.
The project is in the Testing stage and so all functions are optional.
Version 1.5:
1. Renamed the application to CharruaPACS,
2. It is possible to save the configuration file in a.conf format,
3. In the Administration page, a “Save Options” button has been added,
4. Now it is possible to save the images also in the FTP root,
5. The cross-sectional views are generated using the selected sections,
6. Now it is possible to save the sections also in the FTP root,
7. New option added in the virtual machines section,
8. It is possible to edit the display of nodes in the portal,
9. It is possible to generate the c-stoke file in a.rtf format,
10. The charrua-crypto.conf file has been moved from CryptoUtils project to CharruaPACS project,
11. Now it is possible to activate the virtual machines only,
12. Now it is possible to activate the virtual machines,
13. Now it is possible to exclude the sections from the “open in portal” link,
14. It is possible to generate charts only from a specific directory,
15. The “Send personal message” function can be used to send a message to a group of people.
16. A “Kiosk” has been added in the main administration page,
17. A web service has been added in the main administration page,
18. It is now possible to add the portal as a web service in the Admin page,
19. The “Reset Images” button has been added in the Administration page,
20. The “Reset images” function has been moved from the FTP section to the Administration page,
21. The “Reload” button has been added in the FTP section,
22. The DICOM C-STORE SCP for DICOM files has been moved from CryptoUtils project to CharruaPACS project,
23. It is possible to modify the password of the user account or the master password,
24. It is possible to add images in the drop area and to delete the images,
25. A “Play” button has been added in the

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Installation and Setup:
To install the CharruaPACS server on a Windows operating system, you need to run the file CharruaPACS.exe, which will start an installer that will guide you through the installation.
To install the CharruaPACS server on a Linux operating system, you need to run the file, which will start an installer.

If you want to use the DICOM PACS service, you need to use the setdicom.exe program and create the configuration file as described in the DICOM PACS guide.

Once you have installed the CharruaPACS server, it will ask you to start the server by typing start CharruaPACS.

If you need to install a C-STORE SCP in CharruaPACS, you need to have a working DICOM PACS already installed in order to create the C-STORE SCP for it.

By default, CharruaPACS uses the /data directory as image data store. This is the default behaviour, and you can change this by typing /data = “” in the admin application (the one opened with start CharruaPACS).

Type “/data” in CharruaPACS to open the Administrative Menu

Admin Menu:
You can configure basic PACS services by typing the following in CharruaPACS Administrator:


If you have an existing PACS server already running, you can check its configuration by typing “/admin/configuration” in CharruaPACS Administrator.


With this menu option, you can manage the Server URL. You can change the TCP port of the PACS server to something else than 8080, for instance.


With this menu option, you can create a new user. A user is like a user in the DICOM PACS service, it allows you to configure the user folder permissions.


If you have purchased a PACS license, you can use this menu option to activate your license.


If the PACS server is being used by a previous user and you now want to activate your PACS license, you need to type /admin/locks in CharruaPACS Administrator.

What’s New in the?

CharruaPACS is a free software server, developed to run over Linux operating system, for creating, storing and managing images and study in the PACS network.

CharruaPACS may also be run on Windows operating systems.

The server is composed of two parts:

– A client, called CharruaPACS, which is a front end application for the PACS administrator and which provides DICOM C-STORE SCP, C-FIND, C-MOVE and C-ECHO SCP study root functions.
– A server part, called CharruaPACS, which is a multi-threaded PACS server running on a Linux platform. This part is the actual server running the DICOM server.

The client part CharruaPACS and the server part CharruaPACS must be installed separately.


– To be able to create, modify, store, retrieve and send DICOM objects in DICOM C-STORE SCP.
– To be able to find DICOM objects stored in DICOM C-STORE SCP and retrieve them with C-FIND.
– To be able to move DICOM objects stored in DICOM C-STORE SCP between DICOM PACS.
– To be able to perform C-ECHO (Verification) of DICOM objects stored in DICOM C-STORE SCP.


– Support for Transfer Syntax – JPEG/JPEG-LS/JPEG-L/JPEG-2L.
– Lossless transfer syntax for DICOM C-STORE SCP
– Lossy transfer syntax for DICOM C-STORE SCP
– JPEG 2000 Transfer Syntax for DICOM C-STORE SCP.
– Support for NBTAN.
– Compression support (UNCOMPRESSED, ZIP, ZIP2, RLE and CCITT Group 4).
– Range (automatic) or advanced requests.
– Simulation of DICOM C-ECHO.
– Support for Visual Basic Language for image sending (GETSCU/SETSCU).
– Support for WWW server (only for Windows operating system).
– Support for asynchronous requests.
– Support for FTP server.
– X-Planner (only for Windows operating system).
– Archiving.
– Alert for re-processed images.
– Very convenient configuration.
– Very convenient administration (initially composed of 20 images at the default settings).
– Interoperability with other PACS.
– Prescribe original DICOM keywords.
– Dynamic query of DICOM tags (only for Windows operating system).
– DHCP for IP address.
– Configuration through Edit, File, Run…
– User management.
– Logging of

System Requirements For CharruaPACS:

OS: OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 or later
CPU: 2.0 GHz Intel Core i5 or later
Memory: 4 GB RAM
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later; NVIDIA GeForce 755 or later
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection required
Display: 1024 x 768 resolution with 16-bit color
Storage: 200 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
Mac game products have the term “OS X

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