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Whereas after installation and installation of Firefox 16 in Kubuntu 14.04, it does not show the How can I get into partricle term to navigate the menu bar/ dock and other places.
I tried installing it on two pc’s but when I installed it it didn’t start it up.

After installation, click on the Facebook icon on the desktop to launch your desktop.
Open Firefox and go to:
Fill in the form, choose your profile and log in.

Is there any other way?


This is really not a programming question. In part it is a general computer use question which is off-topic for Stack Exchange.
How do I use Firefox?

First, launch it. If Firefox isn’t already running, run it.
Once Firefox is started, use the Firefox menu: File > Start Firefox.
If you are using KDE Plasma, you will see the Firefox menu in the system tray. There are also three other menu icons you can use. To launch Firefox, click on the Firefox menu icon.

This question needs to be edited and re-formatted.

; // the current time at which the pattern is in effect
bool m_bPurgePatterns; // if true, pattern is purged
U32 m_currentPattern; // current pattern number
U32 m_maxPattern; // current pattern number
bool m_bReversedSequence; // reverse sequence in effect

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“startLine”: 17,


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