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We're sure you've heard about the famous time management life hack for increasing one's productivity dubbed Pomodoro Technique. And, if you're one of the many devoted followers and your day-to-day work involves using a computer, then naturally, you might be interested in a Pomodoro app as well.
What's it about and how to get it up and running
In this case, it's about an app called Chronobreak, which faithfully replicates the original Pomodoro techniques. To start off with, Chronobreak is an Electron-based application that lives in your computer's taskbar, from where it accurately times intervals of 25 minutes in length, traditionally named pomodoros.
Since it doesn't have any special requirements, nor does it require installation, you're able to get started with this app in mere seconds, after you've unzipped its archive and have launched it via its executable file.
No frills and slightly "rigid" app regarding functionality that should help you improve your productivity
To set the timer, simply click and drag the clock numbers in place. Please note that the timer starts automatically once the 25 minutes threshold is reached.
This process is accompanied by very satisfying audible cues (simple tick sounds). Please note that the timer can't be stopped, hence there's no way of pausing and resuming work, however, it can be turned off altogether from the app's taskbar menu by selecting the "discard Pomodoro" option.
From the same menu, you can also summon the app's main window (the timer window) and either enable or disable the ticking sound associated with each passing second, and that's pretty much about it.
Modern, Electron-based reincarnation of the Pomodoro Technique for your computer
All things considered, Chronobreak is a decent application that doesn't stray off from the original Pomodoro Technique. This particular lack of flexibility might be very appreciated for hardcore-get-things-done purists, however, it's also the reason why the app might seem a bit too minimalistic for other users as well.
Apart from its sheer bulk (since it's an Electron app it's to be expected) and the slightly annoying alarm (that goes off once a 25-minute session is completed), Chronobreak has enough things going for it to rightly capture your interest. It's a modern, good-looking, and ultimately useful app despite its limited set of features.

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1. Set up
Simply drag the clock numbers into the right window, and Chronobreak will start the timer for you. You can also get the timer for your computer to start ticking by pressing the Start button.
2. Save battery and create a quiet working environment
When you’re done working, press the Save button in the top-left corner. The app will save the currently running session and display the summary window. If you’d like, you can enable a “quiet mode,” which will cause the app to stop producing sounds once the session has ended. To do this, simply select the “discard Pomodoro” button from the bottom-right corner.
3. Supercharge your work

Let the time go by and enjoy working away – Chronobreak includes an option to quickly “freeze” the timer. That way you can immediately resume working when the break has ended.
4. Share with friends
Now that you’ve worked for a set amount of time, you can share it with your friends. Simply open the sharing window and choose “Export session to file” and then “Upload file” or “Download file” to get a file of your session.
5. Start a new one
If you’re the kind of person who’s constantly switching between working and sleeping, you can simply “reset” the timer.

How to get it
Chronobreak for Mac OS
Chronobreak for Windows
Chronobreak for Linux
Chronobreak for Chromebook
Chronobreak for iPad
Chronobreak for Android

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Modern, good-looking, and ultimately useful app despite its limited set of features

What’s it good for
The pomodoros are meant to be used for uninterrupted work sessions, which doesn’t necessarily involve hours of uninterrupted work. They also act as a great method for working efficiently, the so-called timeboxing technique.
You don’t have to observe a set of rules to actually use the pomodoros in this manner. A number of users have reported that they work on their task without interruptions (note that they don’t have to be completely uninterrupted). This is probably why the developers decided to enable the app to be started up automatically whenever you boot up your computer.
You can have multiple pomodoros going at once, so you can easily work on multiple things (even if they’re completely unrelated) at the same time.
Chronobreak is meant for multitasking, and it allows you to set up groups of tasks for the duration of a single session, then you can switch to them as and when you want.
It also supports the “glowing borders” feature, which allows you to show off the time of your sessions (useful for productivity focused folks, as it gives a better idea of the true time that you’ve been spending on each of your tasks).

Get more out of your pomodoros

Uninterrupted work sessions


Glowing borders

Pomodoro Technique FAQ:

How to set up a pomodoro

Chronobreak Tutorials:

Set up Pomodoro

Change the number of pomodoros per session

How to set up a group of tasks for a pomodoro

How to use Pomodoro

Tricks to get the most out of Pomodoro Technique

How to stop a pomodoro

How to delete a task

How to use glowing borders

How to change the time that you work in a pomodoro

Chronobreak Free & Pro Versions:

Chronobreak Free Version:

Pomodoro Technique FAQ:

How to set up a pomodoro

Chronobreak Pro Version:

What’s it good for

Pomodoro Technique FAQ:

How to set up a pomodoro

Chronobreak Pro

What’s New In?

Chronobreak is a modern, good-looking, and ultimately useful pomodoro app for your computer. It perfectly replicates the original pomodoro technique and is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

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