ConsoleAct 2.4 Portable By Ratiborus !NEW!

ConsoleAct 2.4 Portable By Ratiborus !NEW!


ConsoleAct 2.4 Portable By Ratiborus

ConsoleAct will help you easily perform the Activation Process. As you can see, the program is relatively compact. It works immediately after installation and is extremely fast and does not cause any errors in the Office activation process. Fortunately, most of the actions in this application can be performed by using keyboard shortcuts. You can Activate Windows Office from a button in the top left or activate the KMSAuto program from a button in the center.

To sum up, it is necessary to say that this handy activator for Windows and Office offers you a simple and intuitive interface with smooth functions. Its file size is around 500 KB, its installation size of around 20 MB, and its runtime is under 2 minutes. Ratiborus will be active in the foreseeable future.

Ratiborus has presented the KMS Tools Portable set, which offers all the programs you need from one developer. KMS Tools is a collection of everything you need from one developer. All programs provided in this set work in one-click mode, which explains the word Portable in the title of the collection. The set consists of tools for finding and downloading access and recovery keys, installing Office and file encryptors, unlockers, uninstallers for Office and file encryption programs, and protectors for Windows and Office. All programs have help in english language, which can be easily called up with a question icon in the upper part.

Consoleact is an offline application that notifies you that Ratiborus is using the harddisk of the existing computer, the computer calculates and displays a key, which can be saved and checked in later. The program is equipped with an option to automatically activate in case of the need for a new activation.

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