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2. Download and install RSLinX Classic V2.54.0 software from the link: “stdafx.h”

#include “CreatureControl.h”

#include “InteractState.h”

#include “SessionData.h”
#include “../../../key/Player.h”
#include “../../../zone/Zone.h”

using namespace System::Diagnostics;
using namespace System::Threading::Tasks;
using namespace Logic;

namespace Logic
CreatureControl::CreatureControl(Unit::Type type) :
m_type(type), m_activeState(static_cast(::Player::GetPlayer()))

void CreatureControl::OnStateChanged(InteractState::InteractState state)
switch (state)
case InteractState::IAmHiding:
m_activeState = static_cast(::Player::GetPlayer());
case InteractState::IAmStanding:
m_activeState = static_cast(::Player::GetPlayer());

void CreatureControl::SetActiveState(InteractState::InteractState state)
if (state == m_activeState)

m_activeState = state;
if (m_activeState!= static_cast(::Player::Get

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Scala: How to create an async pipe?

I have this function that returns a Future[T]
def get(uri: String, options: Map[String, String] = Map[String, String]()): Future[Option[T]] = {
val request = RestRequest(uri, ‘GET’)
val requestURI = request.getUri()
RestContext(requestURI, options)
val response =


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