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UNHERD is a 3D Platform Puzzle Game.
It’s about a chinchilla who awakens in a surreal world with a mysterious voice that looms over him.
You have 9 hours to defeat Darkness that threatens the earth.
But if you don’t unlock the power of the Dream, the same Darkness will possess you.
You will have to use your own inner strength to reach the goal.
How to play:
Move the Chinchilla around using the Arrow Keys on your keyboard.
You can touch your mouse to manipulate the blocks and to lay them down.
You can also use the Z key to move up and the D key to move down.
Laying down 4 blocks in a row will create a platform.
Some levels feature elevated block platforms where you have to jump to stay there.
Platforms are fully destructible.
Some stages feature extra puzzle elements, which can not be moved or manipulated.
Lets kill it!:
The blocks you moved to create platforms have to be destroyed in a particular order.
Destroying blocks can be done with straight shots or can be broken in several ways.
It’s the tiles destructible and upgradable that make up the core of the game.
There are tiles that can be destroyed using arrows, bullet or cannonballs.
You can also break the tiles by pressing down or even you can jump on them.
You can also break the blocks using hammer shots, arrows, bullets or cannonballs.
Starting your journey:
Set off on your adventure by touching the Start Button in the Menu.
Make sure to take your time.
You don’t want to go back and miss out on one of the many features.
Prepare yourself for the challenges of the Ice Ice Ice Scape.
You can choose your Difficulty Level before you start the game, which you will be able to adjust during the game with a slider.

Crane Valley
✔ Rotate a platform by touching and dragging the Block:
✔ Drag the block into a platform to complete it:
✔ Touch the blocks to set them down:
✔ Touch the Block in front of the Sliding Block to activate it:
✔ Touch Block that is behind the Sliding Block to activate it:
✔ Touch the Sliding Block to activate it:
✔ Touch the Blocks underneath to activate them:
✔ Touch the Platforms under the Sliding Block


CyberCorp Features Key:

  • The first ultra-addictive time management game ever!
  • Play millions of games, customize your own, and climb to the top!
  • 100 authentic characters and endless profiles!
  • Scenarios, achievements, Facebook, and much more!
  • An innovative 3D/2D cross-platform gaming solution!
  • Compatible with any Windows® and Mac OS®!
  • Use any keyboard!


Superfuse Features:

"I have horrible ADHD."

Are you a person who has horrible ADHD? You know its not the drug, its the medication, right?
Your *only* solution? Get better at managing your ADD!

Activated: Superfuse will contact a doctor and promise to make you feel better!
The doctor will also determine the diagnosis and prescribe medication.
=> You must keep getting better! If you use the same symptoms as everyone else,
you’re normal and it’s the drug!

"Do you have a larger cap?"

Do you suffer from lack of creativity? You are normal!

"Do you have a smaller cap?"

We’d like to eliminate ADHD, for all the happy people!


  • superfuse logo
  • superfuse logo


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“BigBadBrothers 2” is an exciting, tricky game about the abstract search for survival. It is like the game “Where the Wild Things Are” with a difference: It is a sequel of the best selling puzzle game about the lost traveler “Big BadBrothers” made by Loose Cannon Development.
The game is about a lost traveler looking for an overnight stay. Unfortunately for you, you find a lonely hostel on the outskirts. Inside the building, you are greeted by a mysterious concierge who offers you a room. But who would have thought that this stranger would turn out to be a creepy clown -psychopath? Your task is to get out of the hostel alive. The clown will be your companion on a wild journey through the forest. Your task is to find a bottle of milk that will help you with your next mission… Good luck!

published:13 Jan 2016


published:10 Oct 2018


A wonderful meet-up with some of the most wonderful women in NYC.
Our first stop was the rare chance to meet my beautiful wife, Lisa Mendoza, the creator of the blog A and an expert interviewer of lovely and talented women.
Next, we enjoyed a lovely meal at Perilla, a vegan restaurant in the West Village.
Then, we rounded out our night with a visit from my oldest friends from St. Louis, the Reynolds. We went out for dinner in Brooklyn, and had such an incredible time.
Thank you to my friends for being so welcoming to Lisa and I, and also to our friends for not judging us for being in public together, which is one of the most common myths.
My friend Eric Fisher recommended we visit the Brooklyn Flea, a weekend flea market in Coney Island, Brooklyn.
And, while I wasn’t necessarily looking to make a new friend on my travels, I found my friend Mary Fortier, co-owner of the BrooklynFlea, and we ended up spending our time together. It was lovely.
Thank you to Eric and to everyone else who made this night such an incredible success.
Hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did, make sure to subscribe to my channel for regular updates.

The first season of Big Brother All Stars is now over. There were controversial moments, but which housemate left the biggest mark?


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Every music box features original fantasy piano melodies in.ogg and.m4a formats. Music is available for RPG Maker MV and the RPG Maker Engine!*9 of the music boxes are Royalty Free Music.

“This is just too cool to pass up! Let me know if you have any issues with it, as I’m working on music boxes for many other games so I can’t provide support on the base game itself. If you want to get music for the game, though, check out the notes below!

First off, the best way to get music is to download the music from Gbatemp ( The music files you’ll download from there are the ‘preview’ songs that are available before you download the full version. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll have an archive folder that will have all of your music. Download the.ogg files and.m4a files separately, as they are for different devices. The.m4a files are made for most devices and software, so you can also transfer them to the Playstation and PSP for use on those devices. They’ll open in Quicktime when you download them, so right-click and save.

To use in RPGs, you’ll need the RPG Maker Music Maker software. You can download it at to get the version you need. Once you have that, go to the music section and you can create your own music. Make sure to use a looping instrument, as a loop will loop indefinitely for the entire duration. Also, change the tempo of the song to match the speed of the game. If you don’t use loops, you can use these sample BGM sections to create your own. I’ve included those in the zip, too, as well as the chords for the intro and ending sections. Hopefully they help!

Go to the RPG Maker MV Music page at for instructions on using the.ogg and.m4a music files.”

Give Me Music Or Give Me Death!Features: – An A to Z of the classical game music theory – A music theory calculator, and music calculator, and show chords- Have the most played tracks and tracks that have been used in games on their homepage – Updates of new games/releases

Features:- Unlimited gameplay- Randomly generated dungeons- Fully animated maps and objects-


What’s new:

    is the name of a website about the forthcoming third season of The Big Bang Theory. The German site, however, means just the opposite. It’s not a site about losers. It’s a site filled with losers who are once again trying to self-sabotage their success, discover their weaknesses and fail in the process.

    What makes the website called Loser Reborn so interesting and attractive is that it peddles immature jokes whose validity is made all the more apparent by the fact that they are concocted by a 12-year-old boy from Cologne’s Zandhoven.

    The Loser’s idea of escaping boredom at his school and improving his social skills has convinced his father to drop him off at the kindergarten of a “friend” where the young boy meets all the usual losers: kids who talk a lot, hate playing ball or share her double class with only five other kids.

    We could write a whole piece about how fundamentally rude this is – to tell a 13 year old boy with attention-deficit disorder that he just isn’t worth hanging out with – but leave it for another time.

    Instead, we’ll briefly tell you about the website’s creator, and cover how he came to formulate the idea that led him to the construction of the Loser Reborn site. The young webmaster is Renate Beyer, a 15 year old German girl who has taken on the name Nikodem Fabula.

    Renate has been interested in the internet since about 2005, but we’re not clear when she set up this dark website. While we do know she is still living with her parents, we don’t know where they live. We assume that either her parents are a bit older or she has moved out and thrown them out.

    This is the information given to us by our source at Although it is totally unsourced, we decided not to sniff it out, because Renate has proven herself to be one of the biggest con artists of the web. We’re not even sure her Internet Service Provider really wants us to tell her story.

    Since we know that Renate would be way too proud to contact us, we placed a small hidden link to a cached version of her profile on Pixsel on her profile page. Check it out yourself. Yes, you can write her a note through the image, and maybe she will even see it


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    TRS19 is the most realistic, immersive Train Simulator model railway experience of all time.
    The game also includes an interactive map editor so you can create your own routes, and a new Railway Network Editor so you can design your own railways and create lines of all distances.
    Download free content for some of the world’s greatest steam locomotives including the Metropolitan-Vickers K2 Class 0-6-0 Switcher, the Peckett and Warne Class 5 AC locomotive and the recently restored Southern Pacific General Electric GP7.
    TRS19 also features a new modular terrain engine engine which will drive the new digital scenery.
    NEW: Editor for New Routes!
    New routes for TRS19 are now available for download to be added to your account (and to play in-game) directly to your in-game editor!
    Download free content for some of the world’s greatest steam locomotives including the Metropolitan-Vickers K2 Class 0-6-0 Switcher, the Peckett and Warne Class 5 AC locomotive and the recently restored Southern Pacific General Electric GP7.
    A New Era
    The latest generation of TRS has arrived in the form of TRS19 featuring more realistic steam locomotives, fully flexible digital scenery and new tools to create your own routes.
    TRS19 will feature the new scenery engine and new digital scenery engine included in the full version of TRS19. (i.e. for people who own TRS19).
    Moderately Easy
    This track is a free single-track branch line for everyone – ideal for newcomers to TRS. Not suitable for experienced track modellers.
    Single-track branch line for players to enjoy
    The original plan of the developer is to release a new route from time to time. In 2017 we are starting with the Idleachtalbahn, a 30km high-speed line in the Wetterau and Main-Kinzig-Kreis.
    Download the Idleachtalbahn, an idyllic, single-track branch line in Wetterau- and Main-Kinzig-Kreis and get ready for your single-line adventure!
    Download free content for some of the world’s greatest steam locomotives including the Metropolitan-Vickers K2 Class 0-6-0 Switcher, the Peckett and Warne Class 5 AC locomotive and the recently restored Southern Pacific General Electric GP7.
    Free Tracks


    How To Crack:

  • 1.Extract the … source code of PHAT STACKS 2 may cause and damage the computer, so make sure you use Windows Extractor Pro 7, WinRAR or other good tool to extract the … source code to safe places.
  • 2.Locate the “languages” folder, then go to it.
  • 3.Go into “English” folder of the downloaded file and find the “PHATSTK.exe”, and “PHATSTK2.exe” which are created by the program before you install. And there will two “Keys” please unlock by the key in “keys” folder.
  • 4.Enter the Key for “PHATSTK.exe” then click “Unlock Key”. And Enter the Key for “PHATSTK2.exe” then click “Unlock Key”.
  • 5.Finally put them to Custom/Languages/English folder. You can enable/disable the “PHATSTK” and “PHATSTK2” by PLS LOCK it.
  • 6.Put the “lock.drv” file to “Desktop” then Activate “Default Program”. Then click OK.
  • 7.Then start the game by launching its shortcut from “Desktop”.
  • 8.For PHAT STACKS 2, the game’s shortcut is in “C:\Program Files\PHATSTACKS2\PHATSTACKS2” which is a directory. If you can’t see this directory, launch the game “PHATSTACKS2”, and click “Edit”. Then go to “Target” field and paste “C:\Program Files\PHATSTACKS2” to “Target”.
  • 9.Don’t forget to use the internet to download the game file in the next step.
  • 10.Unzip the game file to safe places. In the unzipped folder, there is a folder named “share” or “downloads” or “zips”. Put the game to “share” or “downloads” or “zips” folder. In the default installation of the game, you may have to launch the game “PHATSTACKS2” to enable the options.


System Requirements:

OS: 64-bit version of Windows 10; Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit); Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (32-bit) or Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (32-bit)
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690 processor or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4GB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4GB available space
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 5870,


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