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Digital-FLEM, which is short for Digital Fantasy Legacy Modder, will provide the owners of ATI legacy card with a collection of utilities that can help them mod their AMD Catalyst drivers so that they can be used with older adapters that are not supported by default.
With Digital-FLEM, users are able to create various custom-made installers for their legacy GPUs in order to support the new AMD drivers. The application detects the target system's card automatically and loads all the necessary relevant modifications to the package according to the GPU specifications of the system it is installed on.
Digital-FLEM encompasses a simplified version of the modifier but also advanced options for users who are the tinkering type and like to tweak a bunch of parameters before getting started.
In the main window, users can select their graphics card from a combo menu, enable a bunch of settings such as the "Full MOD" that adds card support in the INF files, tweaks the drivers, uses older legacy files and adds legacy support to the "Install Manager" or the "Recommended Settings" that applies various options automatically and requires no further assistance from users.

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digital-flem has been created because of the success of several other multi purpose video card vendors. Some of these are currently installed on the retail market, so we thought it was time to create a video card package that does not require the manual install that occurs when loading them through the install manager, as used with the legacy drivers and even with the amdgpu-pro drivers.
We have a lot of experience in building these packages and so have created this one to make life easier for the average end user that has no previous experience of building their own video card packages.
digital-flem takes care of the installation of the most relevant software for your card, the settings for the driver, as well as the manual installation of your card. You can choose to use the recommended settings, and if you want you can choose to download some new graphics card utilities that we have created, but you can also choose not to use them, or you can choose to add or remove them as you wish.
If you don’t want the full install of a package with all the above mentioned settings (and that you can later uninstall if you so wish) you can just use the recommended settings in the install manager and just choose not to install the additional utilities.
What is a Full MOD?

A full mod uses an ATI legacy driver’s inf file, which installs the legacy drivers from a legacy directory, instead of the inf file that the install manager creates and uses. The additional driver install will be done in the background and be called by the install manager to complete the installation of the new drivers.
Here are the steps to use it.
1. Download the inf file for the legacy driver from the legacy site.
2. Unzip the file and rename it to flem.inf.
3. Install the legacy directory or legacy installer from the install manager to the appropriate directory.
4. Install the above mentioned inf file to the appropriate location in your computer
5. Load the legacy drivers in the install manager by selecting your video card and selecting the legacy drivers (NOT the legacy card) in the setup.

What is a default MOD?

A default mod uses the inf file created by the install manager. The inf file created by the install manager will install the new drivers from the normal location, regardless of the legacy directory you chose when installing.
To use it.
1. Download the inf file for the legacy driver from the legacy site.
2. Unzip the file and rename it

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Selects the keyboard set used in the game.
Configures the keyboard that will be used by the game.

Archived from groups (pokerplayer) on Sun, 26 Jul 2011 01:48:16 GMT

1. Open the file In Game.ini in Notepad.2. Select from the “keyboard.Keymacro” section.3. Scroll down to where it says “Keymacro=” and change it to what you want it to be.4. Save the In Game.ini. You should now have a new Keymacro called “xx”.5. Restart the game and you should have a new keymacro. You can now select it to make your keys work with the new keymacro.

If you have some other name or keymacro you want to use then you can edit the Keymacro file “Keymacro.ini” that is in “Program Files\Rage\Rage.exe\settings” folder.

NOTE:This method can be used for older versions of the game as well as the newest game. (v.3.0)

The default keyboard is already working fine with my early versions of the game (v1.03, 1.04 and 1.06) and even with 1.10.0. Currently I can play the game with a keyboard using this method. I just made this thread to “Inform” other people who want to use this method. I want to stress that, I’m NOT saying I did it or something. I didn’t, I’m just “inform” people that this way is possible and how to do it.

1) Before starting play, do a search for


2) Select the file then open in the notepad program.

3) Select “Search”, then select “All Files”, then close notepad.

4) When the program starts, it should have found all of the.sks files. (You don’t have to select all the.sks files if you don’t want to, but I have to select all of them in order to get rid of old keymacros.)

5) When you open the.sks files, they should contain a

Digital-FLEM 4.2.1 Crack+

Are you tired of those long hours of gaming? Do you feel frustrated by the changes that have been made to the previously unsupported games in your collection? Well, that is where Digital-FLEM can help. This application provides support for users who have old legacy video cards, and therefore are unable to use the new Catalyst drivers. Digital-FLEM enables these users to run most of their previously unsupported games smoothly, thanks to its customized installers.

This application also provides more control over the installation process for the previous versions of Catalyst which do not support your legacy card. It installs the correct drivers in conjunction with the modified installation scripts. Also, you can control the installation of the Catalyst drivers as well as every single DLL that is used by your previous version of Catalyst.

With Digital-FLEM you can choose the default profile for your card, the recommended driver for your card, or the legacy version of your card that you wish to use. The recommended settings are similar to the ones used by the Microsoft legacy drivers. The legacy version is similar to the last driver version of your card.

Digital-FLEM Features:

* High-quality video card support for your current graphics card.
* System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003 and 64-bit Windows.
* Image viewer: Display a combo window with all the supported graphics cards.
* Graphics card combo menu: Choose your graphics card.
* Advanced installer: Control the installation of the driver, the user interface, and the chipset.
* Modifier: Customize the installers for your graphics card by selecting the settings you like.
* Customized Installers: Design your own installer.
* Simple installer: Shortcut for the installers.
* Recommended Settings: Control the settings that are used to modify the installers.
* Full MOD: Add support for your graphics card to the INF file.
* Tweak driver: Configure the drivers as you like.
* Install Manager: Control the settings that are used when modifying the installers.
* Settings Manager: Choose the default settings of the driver or the chipset, and save them to a profile.
* Settings manager is used to add additional settings.
* Legacy mode: Choose the mode that suits you.
* Support for old drivers: Modify and control the installation of the drivers for your legacy cards.
* Compatible with all ATI legacy cards.
* Software list: View the software’s status

What’s New in the?

Digital-FLEM allows users to mod their Catalyst legacy drivers so that they can be used with older adapters and PCI-E graphics cards.




– Automatically detects your legacy adapters and downloads the necessary modifications for a free installed from.
– Designed with intuitive and easy to use interface.
– Easy to use, it also gives advanced users the option to tweak a bunch of parameters before getting started.
– Works as an online application, allowing users to upload their existing INF files directly from their PC and save/create custom mods that are compatible with a list of hardware.
– Allows users to quickly access their customized registry settings, system tweaks and modify specific driver parameters.

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System Requirements For Digital-FLEM:

– Mac OS X 10.7 or later.
– A 64-bit processor.
Note: In order to activate the in-app purchasing, you need to purchase and activate a membership with a specific provider. If you have not purchased the membership and installed the application, the tutorial link is not able to be activated.
– Windows 7 or later
– An Intel i5 or equivalent CPU.
*All the following support files are available as

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