Digital Qur’an V3 Setup ((FULL)) Free ⬜

Digital Qur’an V3 Setup ((FULL)) Free ⬜


Digital Qur’an V3 Setup Free

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the following are the salient features of the book:

  • a comprehensive overview of the seven major quran translations

  • starting from the language of the original text and ending with the modern english translation, the book provides an overview of the major muslim translators of the qur’an. the translators are classified into groups including ahmad ibn hanbal, imdadullah, najmuddin, imam ghazali, and islam karim

  • the book includes new interpretations from modern scholars and a comparison of the translations of each group

  • key cultural, historical, literary, as well as religious issues, as they have significant influence on the making of the qur’an and the islamic world order

  • an up-to-date overview on the translation process

  • a special focus on the translation of hadith, and its importance in the study of the text of the quran

  • a concise set of questions to challenge the reader to learn more and understand the text

  • a detailed “notes” section at the end of each chapter which helps the reader learn more about the topic

such, in essence, is the meaning of the verse: as for those who strive hard in this world, we will make them regular therein and we will give them better reward in the next world: and that is the great success
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