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The idea behind time as a concept is for people to be able to synchronize certain actions depending on one identical value. For this to be a possibility, one has to try to find a common source for knowing the exact time at a certain moment. Dimension 4, although the name might not suggest it, is one particular app responsible for synchronizing your PC's clock to one of the various reliable sources out there.
What's so special about it?
The app uses certain internet protocols to connect to time-servers that have been around for about 15 years. These servers which rely on atomic clocks for their time accuracy are the most reliable source of time synchronization. The app itself basically connects to these sources, offering the user plenty of choices when it comes to selecting the desired time-server. Once connected, the server will send the information to the app. Dimension 4 will then employ specific algorithms in order to fine-tune the time on your PC.
What else can this app do?
Using this program one can add or edit time-servers or utilize Dimension 4 as a time-server itself. You can schedule synchronization and receive automatically new update alerts. The app does also give specific information on the procedure it follows for those who understand and know what time synching is all about. The program can also run hidden, meaning there really won't be any moments in which Dimension 4 will pester you, if that is not your cup of tea.
Dimension 4 is a very useful application for all users, regardless of their profession or interests. Knowing the exact time should be a concern for all of us if we want to better synchronize ourselves to the rest of the world and its actions.


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Dimension 4 is a time synchronization application that will allow you to effortlessly set your PC’s clock to any of the various reliable time-servers around the world.
Dimension 4 Additional Info:
Dimension 4 is a time synchronization application that will allow you to effortlessly set your PC’s clock to any of the various reliable time-servers around the world. For those users who understand the subtleties of time syncing and the real motivations behind it, Dimension 4 can be used as a perfect, invisible clock.
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Dimension 4 connects to various reliable sources of time servers worldwide. These servers are then presented to the user as choices when the app is launched. The user can select the desired server and the app will connect to it for syncing the time to the server’s time source. The app will then show the time in the users’ locale, whether in the country’s chosen timezone or the servers’ chosen timezone. The app’s interface is clean and very intuitive, so it should be a breeze to figure out how the program works. It might not look very professional and it is missing some settings, but Dimension 4 is a wonderful program to use.

Full Review:
Having spent years installing third-party software, I finally decided to create my own program to do the job. I have always been leery of using software that I download, especially since I’m a computer engineer. I try to keep my IT responsibilities away from my leisure time, which makes it easier on me, but I still like to try out software for a bit before deciding to use it on a regular basis. The interface of Dimension 4 is clean, simple, and easy to use. You can add or remove servers to the list and easily change the time-zone. I love that the app can run in the background and automatically synchronize itself when it is launched. You can schedule when this happens, so you never have to worry about finding time to sync. There is also an option to set a specific time-zone to synchronize to, so you don’t have to worry about changing your computer’s time every time you change time-zones. The only annoying aspect of the program is that you can only set one server, but you are given a list of time-servers that are highly reliable. I also wish that Dimension 4 had the ability to show how many seconds per second the time servers are accurate. A secondary annoyance is that when the connection to the internet is lost, Dimension 4 cannot find a new time-server to use. This is a minor nuisance that is not noticed by most users.

My Reply:
I am glad that you found the program to be very useful. I have written many programs over the years, and I use one myself for my time zone conversions. I try to be a user-friendly program when I write software.
I don’t know why there is not more time-synchronization software on the internet. I assume that there isn’t a large market

What’s New In Dimension 4?

"Atomic clocks have been a part of our daily life for over 40 years, and yet there is something about them that makes them so elusive and unpredictable. Nonetheless, the reliability and accuracy of atomic clocks has been proven in countless experiments. More specifically, these atomic clocks are employed to work with the International Atomic Time (TAI) time standard, which has been around since 1967.
With TAI, time is measured by atomic clocks in many places across the world. During the past several decades, TAI has been the basis for most countries' official time standard. As a result, the value of TAI has been established and thus more accurate time information has become available for the rest of the world."
The following are the main features of this application:
"Settings" feature:
"Time server":
"Time Sync" feature:
"Start Time Sync" feature:
"Time Filter" feature:
"Unlock Code" feature:

TimeSync is a computerized time synchronization software that supports a wide range of hardware and operating system platforms and a number of external time sources. It has comprehensive features such as remote server tracking and selection, remote alarm event synchronizing, scheduling of data synchronization and a timer that can be programmed to send you reminder notifications when it’s time to synchronize.
The TimeSync interface is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing a user to easily find and use the features it provides.

How to install

TimeSync can be installed via the official distribution from the download page. An installer will be downloaded to your computer and TimeSync will be installed within seconds.

System Requirements

TimeSync can be used by any computer with a Windows operating system, including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

TimeSync features:

– Time servers tracking & selection: with TimeSync, you can track your time servers and select the most suitable one for your needs. You can also manually add new time servers through the program interface or automatically do so through the synchronization timer.

– Remote server tracking & selection: TimeSync enables you to know the time on any of your remote time servers, from a variety of different data sources. TimeSync also provides a centralized view of all your remote time servers, allowing you to easily synchronize them with your computer.

– Remote server control: if you want to manually start or stop the synchronization of your time servers, you can do so in the TimeSync interface.

– Time alarm events synchronization: through the TimeSync synchronization timer, you can schedule a local event to be executed by the time synchronization software if the time servers are not synchronized in

System Requirements For Dimension 4:

Windows 10 (64-bit processor)
Windows 10 (64-bit processor) Windows 8 (64-bit processor)
Windows 8 (64-bit processor) Windows 7 (64-bit processor)
Windows 7 (64-bit processor) Windows Vista (64-bit processor)
Windows Vista (64-bit processor) Windows XP (64-bit processor)
Windows XP (64-bit processor) PlayStation 4 (PlayStation 3 system software 4.50 or higher)
PlayStation 3 system software 4.50 or higher) PlayStation


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