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* 100% Reliable:
EllV Drum offers an effective way to work with drum kits, very popular for any drum/drum machine track.
* Fast and Easy:
The feature-rich and simple interface allows you to use ellV-Drum in a simple way.
* Simple to Use:
If you do not want to leave the comfort of your Mac, but still need a powerful tool to compose drum tracks, ellV-Drum is the right choice.
* Interface:
Since ellV-Drum uses a WYSIWYG interface, you can also get a visual overview of the track, using the panels on the bottom and the preview window.
* High Quality:
EllV Drum offers a high-quality drum kit sample library, produced by professional drum machines. You can always import or export samples.
* Export as Audio:
The features of ellV-Drum help you quickly export drums as audio files in WAV or AIF format.
* Import Audio:
In order to play your soundtracks, ellV-Drum allows you to import audio files, ensuring a fast track layout.
* Built-in Synthesizer:
Every single track has a built-in synthesizer, offering a wide range of sounds and effects.
* Import / Export:
All tracks are saved in standard WAV or AIF format, which is both compatible with other applications and also allows you to import them into other applications.
* GUI:
The interface of ellV-Drum is very simple and clean, which can be very useful for people with low technical knowledge.
* And much more:
ellV-Drum offers multiple functions to further enhance your track.
1. Add drums to an audio file
2. Export drum tracks in WAV or AIF format
3. Import drums from the ellV-Drum sample library
4. Synthesize drum patterns
5. Basic editing tools
6. Multiple projects
7. Import / Export from various file formats
8. Import / Export to other applications
Key Features:
Main Features:
* Over 100 Drum Samples
* Up to 4 Tracks
* Import / Export to other file formats
* Synthesize drum patterns
* Basic editing tools
* Multiple projects
* Import / Export from various file formats
* Import / Export to other applications
* GUI (optional)
User Interface 70238732e0

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■ Support color, grayscale and monochrome
■ Support for PdfText and PdfImage
■ Support for 32 and 64-bit
■ Support for text or image-based pdf files


I don’t know how to recommend a direct equivalent, but you might look into the PDF-Toggle-Tiler. This is an open source project that is currently in development. It works in a manner similar to pdftk, and the README says it is capable of producing the type of output you are requesting. It also seems to be actively developed.


System.Windows.Forms.DataGridTextColumn which way is best

I’m looking to replace my DataGridView with System.Windows.Forms.DataGridTextColumn
DataGridTextColumn (1)

I’ve read that this is in “pre-alpha” stage and not recommended for use yet.
I’m looking for which way would be best for a “simple” application.
I have a couple of ideas but I’m not sure which would be best.
My first idea would be to use a Datagrid and create the columns manually and allow the user to adjust columns width.
My second idea would be to use a DataTable as a sort of dummy and add the columns as needed.


From this source:

You should use the new
class instead of the old System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewTextBoxColumn class.
The System.Windows.Forms.DataGridTextColumn class has the following
properties and methods that the System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewTextBoxColumn
class has not:


How to promote your business with apps and gamification

For any business, gamification can help build loyalty and get them to buy more. Apps can make it easier for users to access your offerings and for customers to make a purchase.

Using apps and gam

Place in a comment, to let us know of your thoughts!