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This post’s software was submitted by authors who have provided solutions to our users as well as users who sent us questions and suggestions for improvements to existing software or suggestions for new features.
If you are interested in working with the software to help improve it and release it for other people, consider reaching out to us via our github repository
eescript on github.

The following issues were raised in this article:
#648 – Support er9x and hotway.
#658 – Use er9x-firmware.
#659 – Receive DXTC colours.
#660 – Hide the hotway button.

The following issues were fixed in this article:
#659 – Receive DXTC colours.

Thanks for the many suggestions. I will be working on it during summer break.

Hi there,
I use it to work with a korg ck-100 and a few other stuff. I liked the sounds and settings, but some things was to complicated in the web site… So now I use airwindows and make use of their website. I will also install er9x on my laptop now. 🙂

@Jay, the dsp installation guide is under development. It will be ready by the end of the summer. Thanks for your kind donation!

I’m a little confused about the Tab and Hex values at the end of the file. Can someone clarify this to me?

I’m a little confused about the Tab and Hex values at the end of the file. Can someone clarify this to me?

I am afraid that I do not have a clear answer to that question.
For those who want to know a bit more about how it works, it is an 8-bit value that are written to the chip. There are 8 values which are stored one below the other. Each value is 24 bits long. Each of the 24 bits have a decimal representation which goes from 0 to 255. It does not matter if you use the TAB or the HEX value.
What matters is that you start with an HEX value of 00h and the end with a HEX value of FFh. TAB value will automatically be converted to HEX value.
So, to use a 24 bits long value, we first write 16 bits (2 byte) in the 24 bits using the HEX value, and the other 8 bits which we don’t need using the TAB.
In the very first

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EEPROM (short for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) is a memory that can be reprogrammed without actually removing it from your computer or electronic device, unlike the case of ROM memory.
Despite its simplistic name, eePe is a complex and powerful piece of software designed from the ground up to make it as easy as possible for you to configure EEPROM chips.
User-friendly editor for EEPROM files generated by er9X
More specifically, eePe is aimed at users who need an efficient editor for EEPROM files generated by the er9x, a firmware designed especially for radio controllers (used to remotely control RC helicopters, cars or other toys such as these).
Despite what you might expect from an application such as this, eePe comes with a surprisingly intuitive and efficient user interface. The main element that stands out is the comprehensive toolbar, that does a good job of providing you with quick access to the app’s main features.
Customize your EEPROM files and create simulations before committing to any change
In addition, the utility makes it possible for you to create complex simulations of the results before you actually start writing the EEPROM memory. This means that you should be able to test and program your models and try them out on your computer.
You can easily upload or download both flash and EEPROM files to TX via AVRDUDE and, if you happen to have more than one window opened or drag and drop models between different EEPROM memories.
Furthermore, by double-clicking any entry, you can easily and effortlessly edit all EEPROM values. You are greeted by an all-encompassing editing window that enables you to customize the writing modes, customize the mixes, limits, curves, switches, safety switches, trims, templates and even add voice alarms.
Easy to use and efficient EEPROM editor
Taking all things into careful consideration, while it may not look apart, eePe is an efficient and comprehensive software solution for writing EEPROM files generated by the er9x firmware.
Developer Description: eePe’s goal is to simplify and facilitate the manipulation of EEPROM files. It is designed to work with flash eraseable memory cards (EEPROM) and is aimed at everyone who needs to manipulate EEPROM files without using a special tool. It is a simple and intuitive interface with a maximum user-friendliness.


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eePe is a powerful and simple-to-use EEPROM file editor for AVR microcontrollers based on the Windows 7 platform. It can be used to edit both the flash and EEPROM memories and to create complex simulations of their behavior before you commit to any change. The application also enables you to select the writing mode, switches, templates, curves and limits.
And since the AVRDUDE (avrdude.exe) is a perfect way to launch the application, it is extremely easy to use.Pierre Chapuis

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Pierre Chapuis was born at Brechin, Kingdom of Scotland. He died in 1710.

External links
Pierre Chapuis on Artnet
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As a non-union, non-supervised organization in the United States, the best our members know to do is show up, obey the rules, pay union dues and obey the authority of the head of the union. In essence, that’s all they do and that’s all they need to do.

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What’s New In?

EEPROM Editor, generates and edits EEPROM files for er9x, designed for radio control programmers (used to remote control RC helicopters, RC cars, planes and other things)
EEPROM programming for radio control (RC) and radio frequency (RF) applications
EEPROM programming is used to alter the digital settings of an RC model or radio chip
The er9x toolkit package has a number of tools designed to optimize the programming and testing time of your radio control project.
Programmers can be used to write firmware directly to an EEPROM, while viewers are used to view the data stored in EEPROM.
The r9x toolkit is required and is automatically installed when opening eePe.
To program or open an r9x file, simply click the “Program” button.
This will open the r9x_program_er9x from the toolbox and automatically program the r9x.

SyntryX is a commercial extension of Scicos which provides a way to efficiently simulate the behaviour of a given system using both discrete-time and continuous-time methods.
You can check the latest features and more details in the free and open source version Scicos.

AutoEIP provides an opportunity to store a determined number of lines in the IDEAL-6 multiline EEPROM memory, using the IDEAL-3 format.
This is simply a compact way to store variables, progress bars and tasks in the memory.
The IDEAL-6 memory provides 8-bits cells (in parallel) to address each memory line.
The internal address of the memory is adjusted depending on the number of input cells.
A specific address is selected to store a line or read from a line by using an add/subtract sequence.
The values and indices of these cells are entered via the text editor, as lines.

EEPO is a transportable and expandable to-do program written in Java. It allows you to keep track of your daily to-do list, a task list, and helps you manage your time better by assigning certain tasks priorities. It is based on the principle of multi-level chart.

E3Buzz is a project designed to perform a 3D analysis of the mechanical behavior of the GY-M880 robot.
This software allows to explore the mechanical behavior of this robot for a variety of loads.
You can test the effect of different

System Requirements For EePe:

In order to play the game online, you will need access to Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or later.
You can get it here.
Due to the fact that some of the maps are based on remasters, some additional features are required.
If you want to know more about what is required to play the game online or offline, you can read the map information here.
Recommended system requirements are:
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600
Memory: 3 GB

Place in a comment, to let us know of your thoughts!