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This is the end of an era. The India-Pakistan border war was set to begin this morning, so that means the end of the latest India-Pakistan war crisis. You know what they say. “Elephant and the rice bowl.” India may now release

Pravin Togadia, the president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), was arrested last week for hate speech. He is currently being held under the prohibitory provision of the IPC at a police station in Ahmedabad.

These are not Donald Trump’s words. These are simple facts. These are actual numbers. We have just announced that the direct flow of Pakistan’s aid to India has decreased by nearly 35% during the past three years.

“The enemy can never have the economic strength to sustain an attrition war. On the contrary, the reverse is the case,” says Syed Tanveer Hasan of the India Institute of Economics. But for the past few years, India and Pakistan have sustained a series of economic wars.

This is the year in which Imran Khan will assume power, a nuclear-armed country situated on the fault-line of South Asia. Inflation is on the rise, with average food prices for the kurma (pigeon pea) being double since last year, for instance. Not that he is to blame, mind you. It’s the global oil price, which has risen by 26% since last June.

The crackdown on temples in Kashmir, the abduction of Kulbhushan Jadhav in Iran and India’s rising military spending are all matters of concern. But these are, first and foremost, domestic politics in India. The bigger issue is the non-state actors that India faces.

India is a common market. Let’s say that there are 100 toilets in India. The government provides subsidies to those who can afford to construct toilets, and provides loans to those who cannot, so that they can build their own toilets.

The ICMR’s Nepal report has also said that illnesses such as d


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A variable-shutter time-of-flight mass spectrometer with a unique design.
The mass spectrometer of the combined time-of-flight with electron impact and a variable-shutter time-of-flight (TOF-V) mass spectrometer was investigated. A unique design was made and a new metallic shutter with a variable time of opening was developed. The dynamic range of the TOF-V was extended by the design and with the variable-shutter. A unique function of the variable-shutter is to remove a time delay and to improve the mass resolution. The variable-shutter was designed to have a long and relatively narrow slit, and the mass resolution was found to be dependent on the size of the slit. The combined TOF-V was used to analyze a peptide mixture, and the signals of peptides with relative standard deviations less than 20% were observed and used to calculate the accuracy of the mass measurement. The combined TOF-V with a variable-shutter was found to be useful in studying proteins in complex systems, and a good resolution was obtained when the metallized slit was opened for 40-70 micros.Record Year for Parking Tickets

According to the City of Los Angeles, it’s a record year for parking citations. Officials said there were 105,384 tickets issued to motorists in 2011, the most in recent history.

The city is targeting homeless people and those parking their vehicles on public streets.


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