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How can I remove it and use the original one?


You can follow below steps,

Open C:/Windows/System32/drivers/board.dat in notepad to see the custom driver info

Then in windows file explorer go to


Delete the corrupted file board.dat
Then next time you can see the option to install only the latest drivers for your hardware

Follow the video tutorial posted above.

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I don’t know how to solve this, but when I look at
library oracle substr(table name, 1, 2)

the path of the code is just short of the actual syntax of the table name which is
–(database name)_–(schema name)–(tabel name)

Eg; for
select substr(table name, 1, 2) from dual

The path returned is

instead of

I was try to decode the first two character using
substring(table name, 1, 2, 1)

But it return the first character only which is


Because your table name has spaces in it, you’ll need to quote it:
select substr(
, 1
, 2
, 1
) from dual

or use the REPLACE function:
select substr(replaces(‘MYTABLE’,”, ‘_’), 1, 2)

Also, if the name contains column names, you might need to be careful about the casing:
select substr(
, 1
, 2

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