Final Fantasy Tactics Sprite Editor


Final Fantasy Tactics Sprite Editor

now, if all went well, your program should start and you should see the main “start” window. in the left side, you should see all of your characters’ sprites. in the center of the screen, you will see a small window. at the top-center, you should see a button saying “core” with a small gray arrow to the left of it. click the core button and you will be in your programs internal editor. there is an xp button on the left side of the main window, and the sprite button on the right. click both in the same order as you see the steps below in order to place a sprite on the map.

first, click the sprite button on the right side of the screen (the second from the top). you should then see a pop-up window with several options. make sure the sprite is the one you want to have on the map. it should say “image”. under that is a “size” box. all you have to do is choose the size you want and click “ok”. if you do not, it will default to 96×96. then, choose the size you would like the sprite to be scaled to. (using the project settings, you can set your monitor to an automatically-adjusted size for you, but since i’m being lazy, i will just say 1920×1080 here). you then click “ok” to set that size. it should take a couple seconds to load. once it has, click the “ok” button to get out of the pop-up window.

now, at the top of the screen, you will see a button that says “core”. click that. you will then see a large button in the middle of the program’s main window. next to that is a small arrow, left-side. click that and your program should close. you will then see a new program open. it should look similar to the following picture. click “ok” or “save” if you want to save the program or not.

final fantasy tactics sprites this is a very comprehensive pack of sprites in several categories. while not all of the music tracks are present (some are from older games or the japanese and western localizations), most of the others are. the sprites are of all sorts and all sizes. there’s only a single one for the original japanese sprites because of the gap in releases, but for both the u.s. and australian releases of tactics ogre ii and tactics ogre: allied swords. the pack comes with two texture kits (one for peace and one for war). the standard quality is too low for use in-game.
final fantasy tactics battle sprite “i think we have enough room for two, don’t we?” a simple mod for spriting the battle sprites of final fantasy tactics. in battle, the textures are compressed in their texture sheets and stitched together, making them look much more vivid. keep in mind that there are two kinds of textures included with this mod: the previously mentioned upscaling/rescaling textures for the “dynamic” battle sprites, and a second “flat” texture set for sprites that stay the same size in every state (their textures can stay the same regardless of whether they’ve been tapped or not, etc). use both textures sets.
even once you’ve got it fully loaded, it’s not going to load in the editor by default. start it by clicking the big, big l-shaped button in the top-left corner. if you have the program located within your system’s directory, it should have a shortcut on your desktop by default. if not, go to the start menu and look for a “lion” program and click that.

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