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* Starting out, you need to create a new document. For an online tutorial, try Photoshop Elements. Its guide to using Photoshop with beginners is at
* Before you begin, you need to prepare a new document that is 700 pixels wide. Photoshop allows you to have a document set up on a web page with a small area for the text and a larger area for your artwork. For more information on setting up a web page, check out the “Web” chapter later in this book.
* Click the File menu at the top of the screen and choose New.
* At the bottom of the New dialog box, click the Layers button. Make sure that a check mark is next to the Merge Visible button.
* Press and hold the Ctrl key (the control key) and click the white background on the document. You see the white background disappear, and the background layer appears. Click OK.
* If you are using Photoshop Elements, you need to prepare an empty document. Click the File menu and choose New. Choose Web from the box that appears and click OK. Set your browser settings to support the Web page in the document format you want to use.
* Click the Page Setup button on the right side of the screen and choose Web from the menu. If you are using Photoshop Elements, click Page Setup on the right side of the screen and choose Web from the menu. This enables you to prepare an empty Web page.

## Choosing File Formats

The Internet is full of helpful information on using Photoshop. Some has more technical information than others, but it’s the kind of stuff that you can find if you look. Make sure you have Internet access if you plan to explore this information.

* For web pages, you need to create a.html document in which to paste the tutorial. You can create a new document from within Photoshop or you can use a web page.
* In general, you need to use a small.jpg or.gif file. These are the most common file formats you will find on the web. To paste a tutorial to the page of a.jpg or.gif file, simply click in the page where you want to paste the tutorial, and use the Paste Selection tool to paste it.
* To paste a tutorial to a larger area, such as a banner, use the Paste command (

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It is available for Microsoft Windows and macOS platforms.

It offers all the essential editing features such as selection, layers, paint tools, crop, brightness and contrast adjustments, custom brushes, color adjustment tools and filters, layers, etc.

Here, we’ll show you how to activate and use the available Photoshop elements features, as well as how to use Photoshop after Elements and (if you have it) Elements after Photoshop.

Important: Before You Start

Use the latest version of Photoshop Elements and (if possible) Photoshop. You can follow the instructions in this article with the most recent versions of the above mentioned programs.

Make sure you are logged in to your Adobe Creative Cloud account

If you have Photoshop’s Elements features, this means you have Photoshop and if you have Photoshop, this means you have Photoshop Elements.

Finally, use the latest versions of both programs.

File Size

The latest versions of Photoshop Elements and Photoshop have various sizes. Photoshop Elements 2020 and Photoshop 2019 download sizes around 500MB, while Photoshop 2020 and Photoshop 2020 download sizes around a GB. Photoshop CS6 download size is around 4GB.

Step 1: Open Photoshop Elements

Download and open Photoshop Elements.

Step 2: Open the Photoshop Elements Settings

In Photoshop Elements, click on File > Photoshop Elements Settings.

This will open the Photoshop Elements Settings

Step 3: Make sure that “Photoshop Elements file type” is selected

Click on the Photoshop Elements Settings. A window will open where you can check the “Create all documents in the original format” checkbox.

Step 4: Click on the “Recovery” tab

Check the “File Recovery” checkbox, then select the destination for the recovered files and click on the “Start” button.

When the recovery process is done, you will be presented with a confirmation message.

Step 5: Close the Photoshop Elements Settings window

Click on the “Ok” button to close the Photoshop Elements Settings window.

Step 6: Restart Photoshop Elements

Close the Photoshop Elements Settings window and then click on the “Exit” button in the Settings window.

The Adobe Photoshop Elements Settings window will close.

Step 7: Restart Photoshop

Close the Photoshop Elements Settings window and then click on the “Exit” button in the

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Choosing between TFS and MSBuild for automatic test builds

We’re in the middle of the whole Visual Studio 2010 / TFS / TFS2010 test automation cycle.
With our current project set up the build automation and execution of our unit tests is fairly easy.
If a new build definition is added it automates the execution of the tests, which works as expected.
However, we want to run our tests when a developer checks in code. The scenario we have in mind is having multiple developers working on a project, each with a branch, and we want to run the automated tests against their branch.
I’ve seen a couple of options when it comes to running the tests:

Create a new build definition and have this run as part of our existing daily build (which runs our automated build).
Write a script that runs MSBuild against each developer branch and runs our tests on the resulting projects. We’d add the script to the branches in the source control management.

Which option do you think is best? I’m not too experienced with TFS, so I’m unsure about best practice, so any help is appreciated.


You can use MSBuild command line, and modify the MSBuild file so that it takes a argument to indicate the branch you want to test.
Use a batch script to run msbuild against a number of branches, passing in the branch name as an argument.

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Last week, I summarized the Schreier Commission on the Future of Jewish Education and concluded with these remarks about the commission’s report, “Reinventing Jewish Education: Stakeholders Respond.”

As you know, the Schreier Commission was charged with making recommendations on the future of Jewish education, and from all of the interviews conducted, it is clear that this must include an assessment of the efforts at reform in that area.

But first, an examination of the report, “Reinventing Jewish Education: Stakeholders Respond.”

Reading it was an eye-opening experience, even to a resident with a level of knowledge about school governance. It was as if my learning experiences in the schools of the 1960s and 70s had been compressed into this 400-page report. I came away feeling an urgency to be part of this discussion and these proposed changes. As a former principal, I think I have a particular insight and

System Requirements:

Support Intel DXR and AMD VSR (VDPAU) (default, Windows 10 and above)
(default, Windows 10 and above) Support OSX (default, Mavericks, and above)
(default, Mavericks, and above) Support AMD VR (requires Catalyst 15.8 or newer)
(requires Catalyst 15.8 or newer) Support OpenGL 4.2
Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Android 6.0 and above, macOS 10.8.2 and above

Place in a comment, to let us know of your thoughts!