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apps. okcupid is a hookup culture, and a dating app for hookup culture in hookup culture app. okcupid shows you’re interested in singles okcupid is the next hookup app. hinge is the place for kink, and hook up culture. up, hook up culture that meet people now is the place to get laid.

okcupid is known as the ugly duckling of dating apps, but it has a way of getting people to stop and listen. it’s not fancy, but it’s pretty uncomplicated. if you’re looking to hookup, okcupid is one of the few options out there that actively discourages you from sending inappropriate messages or asking potential dates where they want to get dirty. okcupid’s “dating strength index” (opens in new tab)score is based on questions that the two people answer. for example, the question “what’s your mother’s maiden name?” is a low strength question for a potential relationship, but it helps okcupid determine who could be a good fit with someone. okcupid is also one of a few apps that uses facebook login, which i personally prefer to use to log in.

okcupid is one of my favorite apps that isn’t a hookup app. while people tend to associate it with catfishing and other online scams, okcupid is a site that really does look for potential relationships. dating sites are more than just stepping stones for getting laid. a lot of people end up on dating sites after years of loneliness and being left out of the college social scene. while a site like match, where someone can be casual and still find a relationship, is useful, too often it turns into a place for people with hobbies and shared interests to get to know each other. that’s not to say online dating sites aren’t filled with ghosts, but i really have had some success on sites like okcupid.

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