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All the files are similar to the respected ones above. What’s the best way to deal with this problem? It was my hope to publish my book soon and don’t want my name to become a template. Any help or suggestion would be much appreciated.


I found the answer after a long search on the internet. The top rated answer from here:
Although I still don’t know if this method will work or not for me. So I tried it. To get rid of the problem I needed to delete the folder and reinstall the framework and the whole framework. This will clear the cache, reverting to the old framework, and after a few hours the data was back. Now everything is working again.
The only problem I encountered was a not loading of data in my Kobo e-reader.

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Hiking is a quintessential American adventure. Not even the movies have done it justice. Walking at altitude with nothing but a pocket knife and a canteen of water can be an extremely rewarding experience. In Alaska, there is a pristine landscape with few people to hinder the experience. On the other hand, the snow is usually up to your ankles and the wind can howl like a banshee. But, nevertheless, this is my personal favorite adventure.

The history

The Brooks Range separates the Brooks Range in the south from the Alaska Range in the north.

The Brooks Range

These 300 km wide mountains are the backbone of Alaska and the fourth largest mountain range in the world. It is a subtropical park and only 30-40% of the Brooks range is actually inside the Alaska. The Brooks Range was once covered in ice, but in the last few million


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Redirect from user registration

I am a new comer of stackoverflow.
I have the following problem. My website contains a form in which the user is asked to fill in his country of birth. I want to do an automatic redirect after the user has entered the form so that he does not have to go through the form again.
Is there a command in PHP which triggers an redirect after entering the form?


To my knowledge, you cannot do that with a PHP command.
You need to add a cookie (that you set when visiting for the first time) to your browser which will redirect the user if he try to navigate directly to your server’s address after submitting a form.
The other method is to use AJAX. See for instance JavaScript Prompt User Location on Form Submission
(this is a question I saw here some days ago)
Your program should check for a cookie. If not found, then redirect to some predetermined page using JavaScript.

New Zealand’s biggest dogs: Meet the Staffordshire Terrier, German Shepherd and other breeds most popular in the country

The country’s favourite dog breeds, according to a survey by the Dogs Trust

Even with the best of management dogs suffer shockingly high rates of obesity

Half of all dogs in the country are obese and it’s costing the pet industry as a whole nearly $12 million a year

The country’s favourite dog breeds, according to a survey by the Dogs Trust.

The survey reveals the nation’s favourite dog is the German Shepherd, with 93 per cent of owners across the country keeping one.


The survey also found that only one in four of the country’s dogs was registered with the Dogs Trust charity.Endogenous serotonin is released by opiate receptor stimulation in rat hypothalamic fragments in vitro.
The release of endogenous serotonin (5HT) was studied in rat hypothalamic fragments incubated in Krebs-Ringer solution at 37 degrees C. 5HT release from the hypothalamic slices was stimulated by the addition of high potassium (5 mM K+) and inhibited by several opioids. The addition of opioid agonists (met-enkephalin, [D-Ala2,D-Leu5]-enkephalin, [D-Ala2, D-Leu5]-enkephalin, [D-Ala2,D-Leu5,met

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