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Glenara Bates Autopsy Photos

glenara’s mother, she lost custody of her children when they were toddlers. they were returned to their mother after a one-year placement. but the grandmother kept losing her children. she lost custody of the children after a six-month placement in 2007, and then after their placement for another six months in 2008.

the grandmother says the state deliberately turned a blind eye to the abuse and neglect. and when glenara died, it participated in the illegal autopsy. the state, she maintains, is responsible for the deaths of two vulnerable children.

bates was arrested in july 2014 for allegedly beating glenara to death over six days until she died early sunday morning. he and both of his parents have been jailed without bond. no one answered the door monday to the home, wkyc 9 .

the group has accused the state of ohio of neglecting child welfare and said that newly released photos of the body of two-year-old glenara bates illustrate the “hidden crime” of child abuse. “we believe that the state of ohio should be held accountable for the degree to which the systemic culture of child welfare has endangered children in hamilton county,” read a joint court document filed by the cincinnati aclu and franklin county advocates for children in february.

glenara had been on the foster care list since she was 7 months old and was in seven different foster homes, records the months leading up to her death, a caseworker reported that glenara had a number of injuries, including broken bones and burn marks.

after bates’ death, the franklin county coroner found no signs of sexual abuse and that glenara had possibly suffered from bost disease at the time of her death. but hamilton county assistant coroner paul bailey said at the time that glenaras death was caused by “accidental mechanical asphyxia” from swaddling.

caleb bradley pleaded guilty to aggravated murder, child endangerment and other charges in july 2017 for glenara’s death. he was sentenced in november to life in prison for the death, while his wife was sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison for child endangering and child endangering.
natalie bradley said in an april interview that she couldn’t get her daughter to eat or drink after they fled to pennsylvania and that she had been intentionally starving glenara.police said they were stunned by the crime scene photos of glenara, taken by the medical examiner and released publicly after her death. one showed what appeared to be diarrhea on the child’s buttocks. another showed a buttcheek with deep bite marks.
those findings were among the bases of the court’s ruling that he was competent to stand trial.a psychologist who evaluated bates also found that he was intellectually disabled, according tothe enquirer.
in asking for leniency, bates said she has been living a “clean and sober” life since her daughter’s death. prosecutors say bradley has a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and is facing child-endangering charges.
according to court documents, the hospital sent a letter to hamilton county prosecutor joseph deters on march 12, 2015. in that letter, they shared their findings of what they saw during their examination of glenaras body. they said:
the following day, cincinnati childrens hospital medical center followed up with a letter to jfs, which had custody of glenara at the time. in that letter, they explained that “based on the examination of the child, it is apparent that she has been beaten. her injuries were more than likely caused by a beating.”

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