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One of the most challenging tasks that a producer faces is creating the budget for a project. The time consuming part of that task is gathering the information about the rates and locations for the appropriate crew members.
Gorilla Ratebook is an application created to run alongside Gorilla and Chimpanzee with the sole role of providing you with a large database of union compliant rates for all positions that you need to fill for your production.The application indexes 112 unions with over 13,500 verified union labour rates from regions like Los Angeles, Chicago, Florida, New York, Australia and Canada, as well as those found in SAG, WGA, AFTRA, IATSE, DGA and AFM unions.
With figures like that, it’s easy to see why using Gorilla Ratebook you get to save valuable time which you can invest in other issues.
Interface-wise, Gorilla Ratebook is as self-explanatory as it can be. It’s made to look like a book that contains all the basic and necessary information you need. Each digital page you flip through displays the local code, union, number of available positions and hourly/weekly rates.
Gorilla Ratebook works as a standalone application but proves to be most helpful when used in tandem with its Gorilla or Chimpanzee family members. That way, you can instantly import the rates directly into your existing projects in a few simple steps, again, saving time.
The application also provides you with a powerful search function that let’s you find specific positions from all the regions and unions and displays the results in a list. From there you can then quickly access information and compare rates, making it possible for you to get an estimate.
So, whether you’re working on a low budget production or an elaborate project, Gorilla Ratebook is both a viable and time saving solution for you.







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‘Clean Diaries’ is a project developed for one of the top stars of the 90s era, Beverly Hills 90210, Jason Priestly. This project features an interactive diaries web app. The main goal of the project was to encourage more user interaction through the use of gamification and personalized data.
The goal of the project was to create a fun and engaging user experience for the app. With interactive games and polls that allow users to engage more with the app, the app will offer something that was not available before. The app was created to offer a unique experience to its users and to celebrate Jason Priestly’s legacy.

Gorilla Stock Text offers you a solution to plan your budget and track your expenses.
There are many stock text and images available online for your texts and images for images that you can use in your project. You can also add your own.
Gorilla Stock Text is a program that offers a simple interface that lets you create, edit, delete and manage your text and images.
A feature that is not so easy to find is being able to manage and update your text and images online.
This program makes it possible by offering a web interface with which you can update all the text and images online.
It also allows you to save the links in the program so that you can easily connect with them later.
Gorilla Stock Text Description:

5DCenter is a custom component for use in Java Applications, developed by 5DCenters. 5DCenters has developed a set of user-friendly components based on the JComponent API, allowing developers to easily insert common UI elements into their applications. This component includes a calendar, date & time picker, list, menu, tree, tab, frame, panel, scroll, and combo. These components will work on most platforms and operating systems.
5DCenter Components Description:

Google Play Store and Android Developer Console API require a new application login. In Google Play Store, a login and password is required to login to your account. As a result, if your device is lost or stolen, the device is disabled from Google Play. In order to disable Google Play Store access, when logging into Google Play Store, enter an invalid login password, and press the “Forgot password” button on the “Forgot password” screen.

Gorilla Gaming UI is a fun,

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Rinzo XML Editor is an XML editor built on the very popular and powerful open source project: C# Library Xtext.
Rinzo was originally released for the Xtext project (by Mark Summerfield) and is currently maintained and developed by a community of Xtext users. Rinzo is open source software with contributions from numerous Xtext users and enthusiasts. Rinzo is meant to be used in a standalone mode, and it is fully compatible with Xtext. It contains all the features of Xtext, and it also offers several improvements.
Rinzo offers several features of interest to Xtext users:
1) Rinzo is a full featured open source XML editor for Xtext users.
2) Rinzo supports all text features of Xtext (just like a good Xtext user would), such as attributes, tags, annotations, schemas, include, document specific settings, and more.
3) Rinzo is fully compatible with Xtext: It allows the use of all Xtext features, such as schemas and directives, and it also allows the use of Xtext specific features such as annotations. In fact, Rinzo can edit text with full Xtext features, and it can also use its own language in the schema.
4) Rinzo is an open source project that will receive new features and bugfixes from Xtext users and enthusiasts.
This open source project is also licensed under the terms of the GNU LGPL license.
Rinzo is currently available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Rinzo is currently available for the Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms.
It is a fully featured XML editor, and it is also fully compatible with all of Xtext’s features, such as include, document specific settings, schemas, Xtext specific annotations, etc.
Rinzo is a general purpose XML editor for Xtext users. The tool is also fully compatible with Xtext in both respects: it allows the use of all Xtext features and it also allows the use of Xtext specific features such as schemas and directives.
Rinzo is the perfect XML editor for users of the Xtext project. Rinzo is an open source project that will receive new features and bugfixes from Xtext users and enthusiasts.
Rinzo XML Editor Screenshots:
Rinzo is an open source XML editor, and it is also fully compatible with all of Xtext’s features. It’s perfect for use with Xtext. Rinzo is the perfect XML

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– 112 unions with over 13,500 verified union labour rates from regions like Los Angeles, Chicago, Florida, New York, Australia and Canada, as well as those found in SAG, WGA, AFTRA, IATSE, DGA and AFM unions.
– Automatically search union rates by location, rank, or search by position or crew category.
– Reports include details for each crew member, union by union.
– Report your own union rates.
– Project custom settings.
– Use the index to find and compare union rates quickly.
– In total, over 91,000 union members and 6,000 unions with locations listed.
– Import rates directly into Gorilla.
– Import rates directly into Chimpanzee.
– Generate reports and save to CSV or XLS.
– Search options include project code, crew, union, type, and union member.
– Customize report options.

Get a detailed list of the equipment and labour rates, and get your information in one place.
The LRD Inc. Equipment and Labour Rate Database contains over 2,000 pages of detailed information for the total cost of equipment and labour for any project, including notes on the equipment, the various job functions, hiring rates, materials, and the labour leader’s union.
From simple theatre projects up to big-budget features, this database is organized to help you keep on top of all of the details for the project you’re working on.
This database also has rate information for all the specialties, including writers, editors, composers, directors, editors, grips, set designers, electricians, scenic artists, sound, make-up, costume, construction, carpentry, props, transportation, hairdressing, and wardrobe.
All of the information in this database is readily available, with links to each item, whether it’s to a brief description, a chart, a price, or a video.
– This database is a comprehensive list of the equipment and labour rates for film, television, and theatre in Canada.
– You can use this database as a reference guide for the information you need for the types of projects you’re working on.
– With a click of a button, you can generate a PDF document with everything you need to know.
– You can also export your results to Excel or CSV format for further research.

The LRD Inc. Equipment and Labour Rate Database includes:

What’s New In?

* User friendly interface
* Includes 112 unions from across the globe
* Display information about local codes, unions, numbers of available positions and union-specific hourly and weekly rates
* Instant import and retrieve rates from Gorilla and its family members
* Search for specific positions
* Compare rates
* Real time rate updates

When it comes to the television production process, there are many aspects to consider. From acquiring the right location and finding the right location insurance to figuring out the finer details of your shoot, there are plenty of things to do and decisions to make.
We’re here to help.
This course provides video and written information to help you make the most of your location-related duties. These include using location insurance, finding locations for production purposes, and using equipment and permits.
You’ll also learn how to rent a location, produce a location guide, reserve a location, find out the ins and outs of your crew’s responsibilities, and more.
The course covers:
Location Insurance
Location Guide Production
Location Rental
Location Insurance for Commercial Production
In this course, you will learn:
• About location insurance
• How to produce a location guide
• How to rent a location
• How to promote your location for production
• How to find locations for production
• How to use location insurance
• How to use a location guide
• How to produce a location rental contract
• How to rent a location
• How to promote a location for production
• How to use a location insurance policy
• How to use a location guide
• How to sell a location for production
• What tools to use for location production
Learn more about how to work in the production of television, including the pros and cons of location production.
This course is intended for production personnel, facility managers, and others involved in location-based productions who are interested in learning more about location production and insurance.

This course teaches you about location production. It is an overview of what it takes to produce on location. It provides you with the knowledge and resources needed to ensure that you get the best location experience.

Sitting on a set is very often a frustrating experience, especially if the situation is unplanned. Having a plan in place can avoid many pitfalls when it comes to your set.
Set Plan is a desktop application that enables you to create a set plan from your production. You can also collaborate with other members of your crew in real time while you develop your plan.
Set Plan helps you manage your set by keeping track of various aspects of your work. You can create multiple work orders, and keep track of the progress of your work. You can also manage who will be doing what for the set.
To set up a work order you only need to enter information that you can easily find out in the field. You can

System Requirements:

1. Internet connection
2. Playstation 4 or XBOX ONE
3. A PS4 or XBOX One
4. A Windows PC
5. A well-supported version of DirectX or OpenGL
6. An In-Game Camera or Camera with a wired USB connection to your Windows PC
You can adjust camera settings in the options menu.
DirectX or OpenGL Version:
Go to “Help”
Press “About”
Press “Check for Updates”


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