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Download ZIP 🗸 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


The Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles – Season Pass is required to continue the story after the first chapter. Purchasing the Season Pass will allow you to start the game again on any setting, and unlock all of the remaining Story Mode and Battle Mode chapters in Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles. You can purchase the Season Pass now, or wait and save money when you purchase the Complete Edition.
Note: Please do not purchase the Complete Edition if you purchased the Season Pass, or any other chapters individually. The Complete Edition is designed to allow you to play Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles without any prior knowledge of the story, or any of the chapters.
How to obtain the Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles – Season Pass:
The Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles – Season Pass is offered as a digital download on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system from Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC, Microsoft Xbox One and PC via Steam. The Season Pass can be purchased from the PlayStation®4 game’s main menu, or via Xbox Live and Steam. For more information on Season Pass content included with Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles, please visit
PlayStation 4 system functionality required
Xbox One system functionality required

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles is a chilling first person, paranormal thriller that takes place in a small American town called Black Light during an outbreak of a deadly and unknown disease.

An unfortunate mistake has left seventeen-year-old Lydia (Caitlin Stasey) and her brother, Peter (Andreas Roberts) separated and alone on the streets of Black Light. With her brother dying from the strange disease and no one to turn to, Lydia begins a harrowing journey to find her brother again, and uncover the dark secrets buried beneath the small town.

Solve a variety of brutal puzzles, encounter myriad nightmarish creatures and uncover the mystery surrounding the town of Black Light, which many say has been cursed for centuries.

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles is a standalone game, featuring a story independent from the Outbreak series.

A horrific story of obsessive love and the infestation of an evil force. This is a complex story that will test your ability to survive psychological and physical challenges, but it has so much more than that.

“I’m obsessed with independent sci-fi horror titles and this one is by far one of my favorites. The horrifying and disturbing story and graphics style of the game will make you feel it. I couldn’t stop playing it.” – Danger News,


Download ZIP 🗸 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ZIP 🗸 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Graviteam Tactics: Against The Tide Features Key:

  • Tower defense genre with 3…7 bases
  • Revamped card system: each player has 6 cards they need to (or must) use during the entire game
  • Each card can be used up to two times per turn which gives you plenty of strategic decisions to be made
  • Each player receives 3…7 bases with which to guard your cards
  • All of the are fairly easy (but you need to really put thought into your defenses, bases, and cards) with the exception of the super straightforward tiles of the log and machinegun tile types
  • Both your opponent and your AI are slightly tricky, no brainer logic will get you slaughtered for the blue win
  • Description

    Tower Defense Genre

    Our game has a genre that has gained quite the following on social media, for good reason. Towers and turrets are now the only viable form of protection against the hordes of zombies – expect to see this game style become more and more popular!

    Tower defense games are usually great to play, but they are not a quick game. Each player only has 3…7 bases to protect, so this game takes its sweet time. And you have to be careful how you spend your cards, because each play card is only good for two turns, so if you use that card the wrong way…you could be in a bit of trouble

    ‘Revamped’ Game System

    This is a real game changer. Each player gets 6 cards they must (or can) use during the whole game. With cards, it’s truly about strategy vs the luck of the draw. Each player is a bit different in cards chosen, both for defense and offense.

    3…7… TOTAL Bases.

    This game comes with 7 types of base tiles. 3, 5, 7 or 10


    Graviteam Tactics: Against The Tide Crack + For PC

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    “From my perspective the risks are too high. The consequences are great. I’m going to break a tooth, I’m going to scrape my knee, I’m going to be psyched out, and then when the time comes to line up I’m going to get pounded.”
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    Graviteam Tactics: Against The Tide For PC

    – 2D / Tilt controls with mini-games (using the accelerometer and touchscreen)
    – Gorgeous pixel art graphics
    – Single player game
    – Inspired by both classic and modern games
    About the Author: Nathan Donald is a game developer based in San Francisco, CA. He’s worked in the games industry since 2010 and after 5 years at a well-known MMO studio, he wanted to do something different. He spent a year developing for an indie studio before setting out on his own to make his own games. He’s currently working on a massive passion project that he’s spent years in development on.
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    special Features
    You Can Expect
    7 Upgradable torture Methods
    5 bonus helpers Over 20 various to-be-answered questions and perks
    5 unlockable environments


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