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InChatter is a programming component developed for C# based instant messengers, in the hope of assisting developers in their attempts to create stable software.
InChatter comprises Client(WPF), Server and Server(WS) components, each addressing specific features in a messaging application, allowing communication with other clients. Additionally, the tool that integrates these components will be able to receive offline messages as well as keep a message history.







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What’s New In InChatter?

InChatter programming component is designed to help in developing applications of chatting feature. This is a programming component and it is written in C#. This component takes care of the user interface design, server-side application and client-side application. The component helps in building instant messengers, chat servers and chat clients and integrate all these things together.

Features of InChatter:

InChatter is built using WPF and C#. In the client side, there are available some text boxes, labels and other custom controls. Server side, there are available chat rooms, channels and threads. Server side there is no user interface. All the tasks of message sending and message receiving are done by client.

InChatter Software Components:

1. InChatter Client: InChatter Client is the WPF client, which takes care of the UI design and loading the chat server. The component has a message box, which displays the message from the server. It also has a log panel, which provides a log of messages and a message history, which displays the entire message history.

2. InChatter Server: InChatter Server is the C# server, which takes care of the communication between the server and clients. It has a TCP/IP and an HTTP server, which provide the capability to connect to the server using the TCP/IP, HTTP, PPPOE and ICMP.

3. InChatter Server Integration: The component provides an integration with the actual instant messengers and chat clients, such as yahoo messenger and Adium.

Quick Look:

InChatter is a programmer component, which helps in developing applications of chatting feature. The component assists the developer in integrating client, server, and the server, which comes as a part of the instant messengers and chat clients. The application is meant to be used with other applications and provide them a feature of chat. The component is useful in creating chat rooms, clients and servers.

Applications Created Using InChatter

1. InChatter is a great component to be used with other applications, such as yahoo messenger, Adium and aim. The component helps in communication between users of instant messengers and chat clients. The component connects with the servers, which are part of the instant messengers and chat clients and provide a feature of chat.

2. The component is a great programming tool, which makes it easy to connect to the server, which is part of the application of chat.

3. The component works in all the versions of windows. This component comes in the form of.DLLs, which is needed to be installed with the application, such as yahoo messenger.

InChatter Pros:

1. This is a component, which can be used with all the versions of Windows.

2. This is a useful component in the development of instant

System Requirements For InChatter:

Version History:
Developer(s) [ edit ]
Publisher(s) [ edit ]
Czech publisher: Big Bad Wolf
Intellectual Property Information [ edit ]
Legal [ edit ]
Language: Czech
Other Platform Information [ edit ]
Platform Name: Windows, Mac, Linux
PlayStation 4: UbiWorks Studio
iOS: UbiWorks Studio
Android: UbiWorks Studio
Windows Mobile: UbiWorks Studio
Windows Phone

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